Whispers in the Night~ Now on Sale….

whispers book cover_2_edited-1Available for sale on Amazon.com (Kindle version)

When a deranged serial killer’s victims’ bodies surface, those involved fear the young and innocent will never be safe until this certifiable individual is caught…



Detective Ethan Randal~

Head of his department, his commitment to protecting the citizens of New York and capturing the guilty are always top of mind. Haunted by a personal tragedy, his empathy towards those who are victims is clear and has earned him the utmost respect from his team. So how does one deal with the most vicious of crimes/death—mimicking that of someone you love… by a truly deranged serial killer?  


Lexie Hampton_edited-1

 Alexandria Hampton~

A beyond talented photographer Alexandria also possesses a unique gift she keeps hidden apart from those she trusts completely. Since childhood, she’s been blessed or cursed with the ability to speak and see the dead. So, how does she cope with envisioning the most horrific of crimes coming to realize it actually is happening as she witnessed such a tragedy? How does a gifted human remain sane once haunted by a psychotic killer and his victims?    

Available for sale on Amazon.com

(Kindle version)


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D.A. Berry