Who are these intriguing characters…?

Here is a first look at the main characters of my upcoming ghostly murder thriller

‘Whispers in the Night’



Detective Ethan Randal~

Head of his department, his commitment to protecting the citizens of New York and capturing the guilty are always top of mind. Haunted by a personal tragedy, his empathy towards those who are victims is clear and has earned him the utmost respect from his team.     



Alexandria Hampton~

A beyond talented photographer Alexandria also possesses a unique gift she keeps hidden apart from those she trusts completely. Since childhood, she’s been blessed or cursed with the ability to speak and see the dead.


Release Date: October 2013…



Summer Sultry Treat~

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                       A Deepened Hunger

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lucian jordan

~ A Vampire’s Journal

A Deepened Hunger introduced you to Lucian Monroe~ a 400-year old vampire. Read his personal journal and see how it all began…


September ~ 1608

Deep beneath the earth, I sensed darkness had returned. Once more a burning pain tearing apart my soul—a hunger I feared never to quench. Suddenly she was there… the one with ebony eyes… the one who cursed me. I fought and fought. Yet she had the power of ten knights and drew my lips over the open wound. A drop of crimson liquid coated my tongue. A yearning feeling filled me… for I could not resist. The liquid was a drug—the elixir—that eased my pain—gave me strength. Her gentle voice invaded my thoughts. Telling me not to fear what I’d become. For it was necessary to protect mankind. For the evils of this world were upon us. For on this forth night I fully understood her words…

The beauty with ebony eyes turned me into one of the undead—turned me into a creature of the night. The earl of a respected family was now vampire.

Lucian Monroe~


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