~ A Vampire’s Journal

Late Spring~ 1896

Tristen’s Return…

Two more weeks had passed—then finally my dear friend had returned. As the vampire entered my home, trepidation washed through me. For I knew Tristen well and the news he was about to disclose would uncover this mystery.

Taking a seat across my desk, he handed me a tattered scroll. As I unrolled the document, Tristen began telling all.

“The document within your hands is proof this wizard no longer lives. However, the spell he cast upon the talisman still exists. For centuries, it was guarded by others of his kind. Then a battle took place between the ‘evil undead’ and the powerful warlocks. Their ruthless fighting lasted throughout the night—the vampires being the victors. Before ripping out their leaders’ heart—he offered the undead a bargain. His life spared in exchange for the amulet and its powers. Being the lustful traitors the ‘evil of our kind’ are—they accepted his offer. Only to be fooled in the end—for the stone turned out to be useless. Its original spell—one that never could be broken or removed.”

Even more frustrated, I asked. “Tristen, I must know, was Isabella this wizard’s obsession?”

Exhaling, my friend continued. “Lucian the night your sibling disappeared, I’m afraid will forever remain a mystery. Naught has been discovered since you last looked into her death. If you are asking from what I uncovered—was Isabella the woman this wizard courted. Yes, something within me believes she was his obsession.”

Struggling to remain in control, I fought to calm the beast within. “Who possessed the amulet after the undead deemed it useless?”

“The talisman has not been seen for centuries until the night Cassandra and Beth found it resting upon the crypt in the cemetery. How and why it has reappeared is still unknown.”

“You know as I Tristen… nothing in our world happens by chance. Some being is seeking out my niece! By-the-gods-above I must find out why.”

Tristen sighed, “Though centuries have passed. The Monroe blood exists within Cassandra. All one—needs to create a spell is a living element from their intended. It could be a strand of hair, or a spilled tear. I believe that is why it has sought out your niece. For it cannot tell one from the other.”

“So what do you suggest? I cannot keep Cassandra locked away in this house forever. She is a vampire—the freedom to roam the earth is what keeps us sane!  And what of Grayson was he aware of this so called legend?”

“The bastard our dearly beloved Kara still allows to walk this earth gave his word. He will look deeper into the matter. Though he knew of this wizard, the vampire paid little attention to him.” Annoyed, Tristen wiped at his tired eyes. “For a moment Lucian, I actually sensed sorrow within his blackened heart. For it were, as if he ‘himself’ regretted much of the past.”

After what he did to Kara, that was an emotion, I thought Grayson Moore incapable of. “As you and I have discussed supremacy only leaves one empty within. The vampire chose his destiny… blinded by the power he sought—he lost sight of what truly matters.”

“Regardless of what I sensed within, I will never trust him. However, I will play on his assistance to ensure Cassandra’s safety.”

I met Tristen’s stare, “Am I to assume you will be staying in New Orleans? At least until this matter is resolved.”

“I will be resting within the city. For I sense you will need my assistance in protecting the child. Her impatience regarding the situation is becoming quite apparent.”

At that moment Tristen stood and bid me good night. Both of us in agreement, tomorrow once the sun set. We would take Cassandra and Beth out for the evening. As I also longed for the freedom only being one with the night satisfied.


Coming in March~

Dark Secrets~

(Book #3 in my vampire series)

This work of fiction will feature two stories. One centered on Lucian and Jordan. The other revealing the mysteries of the vampire ‘The Being’ introduced in my second novel.


~ A Vampire’s Journal

Spring 1896

Once again, I sit at my desk staring into the night. Three weeks have passed, yet I’ve heard naught from Tristen. With each passing day Beth and Cassandra become more and more agitated being confined within these walls. Though I allow them freedom to hunt with me by their side—they are restless. Both women longing to explore—indulge in their natural instincts.

Nevertheless, it is a request I cannot grant. For with each passing day I’m more convinced the creator of the talisman still lives. And my niece—the one, he wishes to possess for all eternity. Sensing within my soul… this madness all began with Isabella. The sibling, I failed to protect from harm. The beloved child my mother could not move past losing. Her daughter’s mysterious death becoming the burden she no longer could endure. Cursing fate, I crushed the ink pen between talon fingers, the aching in my heart robbing me of breath.

Glancing at the tattered book upon my desk, I opened it to the marked page. Again, I read the legend, though pointless, as it were, forever embedded within my mind. With shaking hands, I hurled it across the room, “Damn it Tristen. Why have I not heard from you? What have you uncovered? I must know in what manner to protect Cassandra from this evil! She alone is all I have left of Isabella.”

Wiping at my tired eyes, I cursed my actions. For only those deemed insane spoke to one’s self.

Hours passed sensing Beth and Cassandra had retired to their resting place. I chose to do the same. As my irrational thoughts were driving me mad.


~A Vampire’s Journal

Spring 1896

A Secret Revealed…

♦Though the sun has risen over the horizon, my body refuses to seek rest. The ancient legend Tristen revealed haunting me still. Recalling the darkness his eyes struggled to hide—brought back memories of a time long since past. It all began at the turn of the 16th century in France. For miles from civilization a wizard took up residence deep within the woods. Over the years as he perfected the art of creating spells more and more of the towns’ people disappeared.

♦Then one snowy evening while on holiday, he met a woman—a stunning creature with pale green eyes and golden hair. Captivated by her beauty and witty charm, the wizard vowed she’d be his forever. That winter season he began courting the young female. However—he was unable to claim her heart. Beyond agitated and consumed with vengeance, he returned to his well hidden home in France. Locking himself within the hug estate, he began creating his most powerful spell. A potion to control one’s every thought. Which he cast upon a fiery amulet, and that spring gave to the young female. As the legend reads—though she refused his affection, he alone owned her soul.

Unable to breathe, I eyed my old friend—fighting to control the beast within. For he thought as I, the woman could very well have been, my beloved sister Isabella. As a sudden rage consumed me, I shouted. “Does the bastard still walk this earth? If so—all is apparent—it is Cassandra, he is seeking to harm? Hear me Tristen—I will destroy anyone human or immortal who dare try and harm that child!”

Sensing my sudden change in demeanor, Tristen mentally blocked Beth and Cassandra from hearing our conversation. “Lucian, I cannot answer that question. There is no fact any wizard possesses the power to exist for centuries. Do I believe the amulet is seeking out your niece? I have my suspicions. It appears the Talisman does indeed possess the power to influence others. For the amulet yearns to control immortals most of all—it’s as if the ancient piece lives and breathes.”

Cursing fate, I fought to calm my emotions. “So what do you suggest? We must uncover the true mystery behind this damn stone.”

“I suggest we reach out to Kara. As you recall, she was married to a wizard for a short period. I believe the goddess can assist us in this matter.”

“I’m not sure if you’re aware, Kara has chosen to rest in the deep sleep. I do not expect her return until late winter.”

Tristen sighed, “Than, I shall seek out her bastard husband myself. Keep Beth and Cassandra close until we discover the true meaning of all this.”

♦Taking the amulet within his grasp, Tristen tucked it inside his shirt. Calling forth his powers, my friend turned into vapor and disappeared into the night.

♦Once again, in full control, I set safeguards around my home. Sensing the girls were indulging in a game of cards, I picked the book off my shelf titled ‘Wizards and Warlocks’. Taking a seat at my desk, I began flipping through the worn pages. Reciting a Christian prayer, I wowed to keep my niece safe from harm…



~ A Vampire’s Journal

Coming in March~

Dark Secrets~

(Book #3 in my vampire series)

This work of fiction will feature two stories. One centered on Lucian and Jordan. The other revealing the mysteries of the vampire ‘The Being’ introduced in my second novel.

Spring 1896


Tonight I sit at my desk staring at the unique amulet Cassandra and Beth found while out hunting. Encased in metal the ever changing center stone, I fear possesses the power to mesmerize one’s thoughts. Over time its gift becoming quite harmful to a ‘newly turned’ vampire. For the evening, the two girls showed it to me. It was, as if they were under a spell, both acting as if drugged. Concerned, I snatched the jeweled piece from their hands—sensing its effects instantly. Calling forth my inner strength, I halted its influence. Once safely locked inside a desk drawer, I studied the two females. Within minutes their behavior was as it should be.

Still unnerved over their actions, I insisted both drink a goblet of the ancient blood. I kept in hiding. Once convinced they were unharmed and the stone’s influence no longer existed, I began asking questions. Cassandra explained, they were out hunting then suddenly something called to them. And both entered the town’s cemetery. Lying there on an ancient tomb the jeweled piece sat. Beth being fearless as always—picked it up. Not thinking to protect her inner-self mentally from the unknown. An act of survival all ancient vampires do without a conscious thought. After examining the item, she handed it to Cassandra ‘who’ behaved as careless as she.

Furious over their naïve-ness, I reprimanded them both. As I made it quite clear—if they acted like a fledgling, they would be treated as such. Each apologized over their lack of commonsense. Ordering both to retire for the evening, I then began searching through my collection of books. Beyond frustrated, I have been unsuccessful in discovering its origin or the degree of its power.

Needing to find answers, I reached out to Tristen. Though, my friend spent his days alone since Margarita’s death, I knew within the vampire would reply.

As the sun set this evening, Tristen sent word, he was coming to the states. The questions he asked—the tone in his voice, troubling me. Now more convinced than ever, Cassandra and Beth could be in danger, I called forth my powers confining them within the walls of my home.

Beyond annoyed, over my decision both fully understood my concern for their safety. Cassandra and Beth are my family—in every way. More importantly, Kara entrusted me to look after her child while resting in the deep sleep. A path many vampires take when existing for centuries. The long period of utter silence believed to renew one’s soul.

Restless, I await Tristen’s arrival. Fearing within the captivating amulet is truly a means to cast harm on those I care for.




~ A Vampire’s Journal

Coming in March~

Dark Secrets~

(Book #3 in my vampire series)

This work of fiction will feature two stories. One centered on Lucian and Jordan. The other revealing the mysteries of the vampire ‘The Being’ introduced in my second novel.

Winter~ 1896

One month later~

Tonight I awoke once again to the sound of their laughter. Drawing air into my lungs, quickly I showered and dressed. Wondering what mischievous undertaking Cassandra and Beth had planned for this evening. For I fear the youth existing within their souls has taken control of their senses. A worrisome attribute, I’ve witnessed frequently these past weeks. It’s as if neither child has a care in this world. Regardless both have witnessed the evils we face. The battles we have fought alongside one another to protect the innocent.

My inner-self struggles—fearing their carefree behavior will indeed bring harm within their path. At a loss—my concern heightened. I reached out to Kara for advice on the matter. Once I explained all, my creator’s response was shocking. Sensing her amusement—over my current dilemma, I lost control. Piercing her mind, “Why in hell do you find this situation so humorous?  Do you have any inclination? What is like to have two young females resting within my home? And yes… that the human males living in my city are becoming quite a problem! How my poor butler cannot complete his duties due to constantly answering the damn door bell. That seems forever to chime.”

“My dearest Lucian you are worrying for naught. Though Beth was turned at the tender age of 18, she is no—fledgling. Cassandra is her sister regardless their difference in years. She loves your niece. And will always protect her. You know as I—how lonely this existence is without companionship—another being who understands. While our world is calm allow the girls to enjoy their adventures. If it is becoming too much of an inconvenience or hindering your lifestyle maybe Beth should reconsider moving to New Orleans.”

What my creator revealed shocked me, “And how long have you known of this? Damnation Kara, when did you plan to inform me of this news? In no uncertain terms, will I allow Cassandra to take up residence in another dwelling. My niece is under my protection, and that shall not change—ever.”

Kara’s annoyance became abundantly clear, “As Beth is under mine. However, Lucian there comes a time in this long life to set those you love free. If one fails at permitting such a fate, they risk losing that ‘being’ forever. Do not forget, you yourself pressured Beth and me to take up residence in your wonderful city. Am I to assume you have changed your mind?”

Silently, I cursed fate, “Of course not! Having Beth here has been wonderful for Cassandra. When I suggested you purchase a home in the states, I meant the two of you—together.”

“Lucian you are fully aware. My soul will always yearn to rest within Egypt. For it is my home and forever shall be. Though I do enjoy traveling aboard, my family’s heritage is my salvation. As I’ve sensed within, Beth has found hers exploring your fascinating city.”

“My heart is warmed. Beth feels as I do. New Orleans is a city filled with surprise. Nevertheless, I fear her decision was influenced by my niece. Cassandra is adamant about discovering the mystery behind Isabella’s death. Though her questions have lessened, I sense she and Beth are up to something. And that my dear goddess—scares the hell out of me!”

“Lucian, Cassandra can sense as I how deeply your sibling’s death still pains you. Regardless the passing of time you cannot accept how Isabella’s demise came to be. The child adores you… so be there for her if needed on this quest.”

Remembering Kara’s words, I made my presence known, joining Beth and Cassandra in the polar. For my creator was correct. If I chose to forbid my niece her freedom, I sensed within the bond we share would be lost forever…







~ A Vampire’s Journal

Winter~ 1896

New Orleans

A Past filled with uncertainties…

On this night as I sit here in my study, I recall the past. The heart wrenching moment I learned of Isabella’s death. The agony I sensed within my beloved mother over losing her youngest child. For centuries, I have kept the memory of my sister buried deep. However, every day, Cassandra being here unleashes the old ghosts surrounding my sibling’s death.

Off fighting to protect mankind, the news of Isabella’s parting nearly destroyed me. Years later—the mystery of it all still remains unsolved. After the incident, I probed minds after human mind searching for the truth. Believing within an evil took the dear child from this earth. Unable to continue my quest because my vow to protect the innocent, I let matters rest.

Now the phantom image of my sister exists within these walls. When I hear Cassandra’s laughter, it’s as if Isabella is in the adjoining room. When delighted, her eyes shimmer with the same radiance her smile being the ghost of my father’s.

Many a night, I’ve toyed with the notion of sending the fledgling to live with Kara. However, the human within cannot bear the thought of her residing elsewhere. For she is lively—gifted beyond words—one emanating hope for our future. Fully comfortable in her new skin, the child fears naught. A quality, I must say—scares me to death!

Just the other evening while out hunting, she sensed my encounter with an evil undead. In moments, the young vampire materialized within the heat of the battle. Calling forth her powers, Cassandra lunged at my attacker. Waiting for me to rip out its heart then setting it aflame.

Once all was quiet, in a calm tone, she touched my mind. “Uncle Lucian… you must take greater care when hunting in this city.”

Momentarily stunned, I looked at her and pierced her thoughts. “Young lady under no circumstances will you foresee to inform me of what I must and must not do! I have existed in this city for quite some time. I’m fully aware of its dangers. You my dear—starting this evening will begin to act with regard when entering into a battle. Do I make myself clear?”

Cassandra’s actions shocked me further. The child met my blazing glare and smiled. Then she walked over and hugged me! Her response being ‘I love you Uncle Lucian…’ Never in all my existence had I been more astonished. Wrapping her tighter in my arms, I whispered. “And I love you… Now promise me—you will always act with caution!” Kissing my cheek, she nodded in agreement.

Glancing at my watch, I sense Cassandra’s return. I allowed her to spend the evening with Beth to take in a play in agreement with Kara. Since her return to Egypt the girls see too little of one another. My inner-self hoping my creator would purchase a residence here in the states soon. Suddenly, the house filled with laughter and the echo of my name. Smiling, I gulped down the remaining substance I’d been nursing for hours. Solemnly, I vowed, once again, to uncover the mystery behind Isabella’s death. Walking into the pallor, I glanced at the chess board.  Sensing the girls’ intent… both their cleverness longing to be challenged…

Lucian Monroe~

~ A Vampire’s Journal

Lucian’s journal reveals~

part #2 of a very special holiday story

Christmas Eve~ 2009

The Monroe Residence~

Worried for the elderly man’s safety, I offered him shelter this night at our home. His answer being a rejection, fearing the evil ones in time would track Katherine’s location if he remained.  My heart pained over this human’s loss as, I reached out to Kara. Within moments one of our most trusted allies appeared. He assured me a plan was already in place to watch over this human and keep him from harm.

An hour later while the child slept on the sofa Tristen, Ana, Jordan and I discussed how the devil we would protect this gifted human.  A task I feared once again placed the woman I love and our friends in danger. As well as imposing my wife to become a mother figure to Katherine. The blood within my veins began to burn—for this scared the hell out of me! Since becoming a vampire and understanding the extent of her powers, Jordan was fearless. Nothing mattered when it came to protecting those she loved. Already I sensed my wife’s affection toward this child. It was only a matter of time before Katherine owned her heart—as well as Ana’s.

During this discussion, our voices grew quite loud. Fearing this would upset the child, Jordan insisted we move into my study. Slamming the door with a mental thought, my wife cursed.

“Lucian—protecting Katherine will not become a burden for me! This child deserves a chance at a happy normal life. Dear God… look what the evil ones have already cost her. She witnessed her birth parents’ death! Then those she felt safe with were taken from her. Once again, she is alone.” My wife shouted.

Unable to control my fear filled anger. I responded in haste. “Listen to what you are saying Jordan. Katherine has been in this house less than three hours. Nevertheless, I sense you would risk all to protect her! And that my love—I cannot nor will allow!”

Fully understanding my fear, yet wanting to calm me, Tristen mentally reached out to me. “Lucian… your anger is not helping the situation. Your wife’s personality nearly mimics Ana’s. And you know as I once determined naught can change either’s decision.”

“Damn it Tristen… she makes me so angry! Yes… Jordan is a gifted vampire—but she is not invincible! A very important element she seems to forget.”

“Trust me my friend, Ana is no different. However… you must accept as I have—our wives human emotions always will surpass logic. As the men who love them—we must be there to keep them safe. Since the night Ana and I married, I’ve become quite good at that task.”

I glanced at Tristen and sighed. Once again, my friend helped me put an unforeseen situation in perspective. The bitterness and emotionless being he’d become after Maggie’s death truly no longer existed. Drawing in a breath, I composed my inner-self and eyed my beautiful wife. “Jordan, I’m sorry for losing my temper. At times my fear of losing you clouds the logic within.”

Blinking back the moisture in her emerald eyes, Jordan fell into my outstretched arms. “I know you believe me to be careless at times. Trust me, Lucian; I’ve no desire to leave this world or the man I love. Though you think I am reckless and act on emotions. I am not a fool! I’m fully aware of the evils possessing the power to end my existence.”

My wife’s words chipped away a piece of my soul. “I will never allow the evils of this world to harm you…”

Sensing in a few hours it would be dawn, I glanced at Tristen. Both of us agreed tomorrow we would devise a plan to ensure Katherine’s safety. Once alone with my wife, I kissed her fully. Sensing the burning need within her, I pulled Jordan tighter into my embrace. Using a mental thought, she now lay naked in my arms. As are bodies joined, I made passionate love to the woman I adored. Our souls once again, forever joined as one. Hours later we heard a tiny whimper coming from the other room. Within seconds Jordan and I donned a robe and were at the child’s side. Cuddling Katherine close, Jordan wiped away her tears. At that very moment, I knew this tiny human captured my wife’s heart along with mine.

As the church bells chime announcing Christmas morning was upon us, I glanced over at Jordan. Deep in the sleep of our kind, her beauty robbed me of breath. As the human child lay wrapped in her arms, I whispered a prayer. Accepting in my heart this tiny ‘being’ would forever be ours. Before surrendering my body to rest, I mentally reached out to Sam. I instructed him to purchase holiday gifts suited for a five year old female child. Thoroughly confused, my friend questioned my request. Fearing in some way I had lost my mind. I burst out into laughter—imagining the perplexed look on his face.

“I assure you Sam. I am quite sane. I will explain all when I pick you up at the airport later this afternoon, Merry Christmas old friend…”

Accepting my answer, Sam voiced all would be taken care of. After mentally thanking him, I stretched out on our king size bed. Wrapping Jordan and Katherine within my embrace, I kissed both their cheeks. As the sun set later today, once again our home would be filled with friends and family celebrating Christmas.

Explaining the arrival of Katherine… one I already sensed Jordan’s parents would consider a gift above all.

Lucian Monroe~

Merry Christmas to all my readers….