Ancient Secrets~ A Vampire Thriller

Book Four in my Vampire Series has caused quite a stir. For so many hidden secrets were revealed…
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Ancient Secrets

Kara and Grayson Moore ™˜

Existing for centuries, the goddess was comfortable by way of her immortal life. Then one evening she attended a masquerade ball and was introduced to a gifted wizard. The ‘being’ she lost her heart to—only to have his betrayal rip open her soul. Vowing to block his every memory from her thoughts, the vampire buried the past. Years later an evil within their world, forces the ebony-eyed beauty to seek his assistance. After fulfilling their bargain, she bids him good-bye. Unaware a past ancient evil lurks within the shadows—their paths meet again. For the secrets, Grayson Moore buried long ago could change their fate forever…

Prologue ~
London, England~
As darkness covered the earth, Grayson stirred. Once again, alone, the vampire cursed—his past sins. His desire to obtain absolute power costing ‘The Being’ what he treasured most… the ancient goddess with ebony eyes, the woman he married then deceived. Drawing air into his lungs, he reached out and grabbed the silver goblet. Once its crimson substance gulped down, he threw the ancient piece across the room. For his ‘carefully thought out’ plan had failed him—
Recalling the other evening, he swore. As he suffered within, incapable of changing her mind, he stood silent. Watching as Kara left without a care after their agreement for his aiding in destroying Shakir and helping Aden fulfilled.
Refusing to allow, his weakness toward the goddess another moment of control, the vampire shut down all his emotions. As the beast reclaimed its supremacy, Grayson smiled. For centuries, he existed without another and survived.
On this night, he vowed. No entity, human or vampire would ever possess the capability to influence his inner-self for all eternity.
The Egyptian Desert~
After weeks of solitude buried deep within her parents’ tomb, the vampire awoke. Drawing air into her lungs, the goddess fought to claim her next breath. Wiping away blood-stained tears, Kara screamed. “Damn you—for centuries I left the past buried! Refusing to allow your deceit—treachery to destroy me…” Bursting through the earth, becoming one with the skies, the vampire set aflame everything in her path. Angry beyond words, Grayson still possessed the power to influence her emotional state. Vowing the being’s hold ended this night, the goddess called forth all her abilities. Mentally, she suppressed his scent—the feel of his touch caressing her skin. The burning she felt within every time they made love—drank from each others vein. Once again, in control, she glanced at the ancient pyramids exhaling a sigh of relief.

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