~ A Vampire’s Journal

Spring 1896

Once again, I sit at my desk staring into the night. Three weeks have passed, yet I’ve heard naught from Tristen. With each passing day Beth and Cassandra become more and more agitated being confined within these walls. Though I allow them freedom to hunt with me by their side—they are restless. Both women longing to explore—indulge in their natural instincts.

Nevertheless, it is a request I cannot grant. For with each passing day I’m more convinced the creator of the talisman still lives. And my niece—the one, he wishes to possess for all eternity. Sensing within my soul… this madness all began with Isabella. The sibling, I failed to protect from harm. The beloved child my mother could not move past losing. Her daughter’s mysterious death becoming the burden she no longer could endure. Cursing fate, I crushed the ink pen between talon fingers, the aching in my heart robbing me of breath.

Glancing at the tattered book upon my desk, I opened it to the marked page. Again, I read the legend, though pointless, as it were, forever embedded within my mind. With shaking hands, I hurled it across the room, “Damn it Tristen. Why have I not heard from you? What have you uncovered? I must know in what manner to protect Cassandra from this evil! She alone is all I have left of Isabella.”

Wiping at my tired eyes, I cursed my actions. For only those deemed insane spoke to one’s self.

Hours passed sensing Beth and Cassandra had retired to their resting place. I chose to do the same. As my irrational thoughts were driving me mad.



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