~A Vampire’s Journal

Spring 1896

A Secret Revealed…

♦Though the sun has risen over the horizon, my body refuses to seek rest. The ancient legend Tristen revealed haunting me still. Recalling the darkness his eyes struggled to hide—brought back memories of a time long since past. It all began at the turn of the 16th century in France. For miles from civilization a wizard took up residence deep within the woods. Over the years as he perfected the art of creating spells more and more of the towns’ people disappeared.

♦Then one snowy evening while on holiday, he met a woman—a stunning creature with pale green eyes and golden hair. Captivated by her beauty and witty charm, the wizard vowed she’d be his forever. That winter season he began courting the young female. However—he was unable to claim her heart. Beyond agitated and consumed with vengeance, he returned to his well hidden home in France. Locking himself within the hug estate, he began creating his most powerful spell. A potion to control one’s every thought. Which he cast upon a fiery amulet, and that spring gave to the young female. As the legend reads—though she refused his affection, he alone owned her soul.

Unable to breathe, I eyed my old friend—fighting to control the beast within. For he thought as I, the woman could very well have been, my beloved sister Isabella. As a sudden rage consumed me, I shouted. “Does the bastard still walk this earth? If so—all is apparent—it is Cassandra, he is seeking to harm? Hear me Tristen—I will destroy anyone human or immortal who dare try and harm that child!”

Sensing my sudden change in demeanor, Tristen mentally blocked Beth and Cassandra from hearing our conversation. “Lucian, I cannot answer that question. There is no fact any wizard possesses the power to exist for centuries. Do I believe the amulet is seeking out your niece? I have my suspicions. It appears the Talisman does indeed possess the power to influence others. For the amulet yearns to control immortals most of all—it’s as if the ancient piece lives and breathes.”

Cursing fate, I fought to calm my emotions. “So what do you suggest? We must uncover the true mystery behind this damn stone.”

“I suggest we reach out to Kara. As you recall, she was married to a wizard for a short period. I believe the goddess can assist us in this matter.”

“I’m not sure if you’re aware, Kara has chosen to rest in the deep sleep. I do not expect her return until late winter.”

Tristen sighed, “Than, I shall seek out her bastard husband myself. Keep Beth and Cassandra close until we discover the true meaning of all this.”

♦Taking the amulet within his grasp, Tristen tucked it inside his shirt. Calling forth his powers, my friend turned into vapor and disappeared into the night.

♦Once again, in full control, I set safeguards around my home. Sensing the girls were indulging in a game of cards, I picked the book off my shelf titled ‘Wizards and Warlocks’. Taking a seat at my desk, I began flipping through the worn pages. Reciting a Christian prayer, I wowed to keep my niece safe from harm…




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