~ A Vampire’s Journal

Coming in March~

Dark Secrets~

(Book #3 in my vampire series)

This work of fiction will feature two stories. One centered on Lucian and Jordan. The other revealing the mysteries of the vampire ‘The Being’ introduced in my second novel.

Spring 1896


Tonight I sit at my desk staring at the unique amulet Cassandra and Beth found while out hunting. Encased in metal the ever changing center stone, I fear possesses the power to mesmerize one’s thoughts. Over time its gift becoming quite harmful to a ‘newly turned’ vampire. For the evening, the two girls showed it to me. It was, as if they were under a spell, both acting as if drugged. Concerned, I snatched the jeweled piece from their hands—sensing its effects instantly. Calling forth my inner strength, I halted its influence. Once safely locked inside a desk drawer, I studied the two females. Within minutes their behavior was as it should be.

Still unnerved over their actions, I insisted both drink a goblet of the ancient blood. I kept in hiding. Once convinced they were unharmed and the stone’s influence no longer existed, I began asking questions. Cassandra explained, they were out hunting then suddenly something called to them. And both entered the town’s cemetery. Lying there on an ancient tomb the jeweled piece sat. Beth being fearless as always—picked it up. Not thinking to protect her inner-self mentally from the unknown. An act of survival all ancient vampires do without a conscious thought. After examining the item, she handed it to Cassandra ‘who’ behaved as careless as she.

Furious over their naïve-ness, I reprimanded them both. As I made it quite clear—if they acted like a fledgling, they would be treated as such. Each apologized over their lack of commonsense. Ordering both to retire for the evening, I then began searching through my collection of books. Beyond frustrated, I have been unsuccessful in discovering its origin or the degree of its power.

Needing to find answers, I reached out to Tristen. Though, my friend spent his days alone since Margarita’s death, I knew within the vampire would reply.

As the sun set this evening, Tristen sent word, he was coming to the states. The questions he asked—the tone in his voice, troubling me. Now more convinced than ever, Cassandra and Beth could be in danger, I called forth my powers confining them within the walls of my home.

Beyond annoyed, over my decision both fully understood my concern for their safety. Cassandra and Beth are my family—in every way. More importantly, Kara entrusted me to look after her child while resting in the deep sleep. A path many vampires take when existing for centuries. The long period of utter silence believed to renew one’s soul.

Restless, I await Tristen’s arrival. Fearing within the captivating amulet is truly a means to cast harm on those I care for.





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