~ A Vampire’s Journal

Coming in March~

Dark Secrets~

(Book #3 in my vampire series)

This work of fiction will feature two stories. One centered on Lucian and Jordan. The other revealing the mysteries of the vampire ‘The Being’ introduced in my second novel.

Winter~ 1896

One month later~

Tonight I awoke once again to the sound of their laughter. Drawing air into my lungs, quickly I showered and dressed. Wondering what mischievous undertaking Cassandra and Beth had planned for this evening. For I fear the youth existing within their souls has taken control of their senses. A worrisome attribute, I’ve witnessed frequently these past weeks. It’s as if neither child has a care in this world. Regardless both have witnessed the evils we face. The battles we have fought alongside one another to protect the innocent.

My inner-self struggles—fearing their carefree behavior will indeed bring harm within their path. At a loss—my concern heightened. I reached out to Kara for advice on the matter. Once I explained all, my creator’s response was shocking. Sensing her amusement—over my current dilemma, I lost control. Piercing her mind, “Why in hell do you find this situation so humorous?  Do you have any inclination? What is like to have two young females resting within my home? And yes… that the human males living in my city are becoming quite a problem! How my poor butler cannot complete his duties due to constantly answering the damn door bell. That seems forever to chime.”

“My dearest Lucian you are worrying for naught. Though Beth was turned at the tender age of 18, she is no—fledgling. Cassandra is her sister regardless their difference in years. She loves your niece. And will always protect her. You know as I—how lonely this existence is without companionship—another being who understands. While our world is calm allow the girls to enjoy their adventures. If it is becoming too much of an inconvenience or hindering your lifestyle maybe Beth should reconsider moving to New Orleans.”

What my creator revealed shocked me, “And how long have you known of this? Damnation Kara, when did you plan to inform me of this news? In no uncertain terms, will I allow Cassandra to take up residence in another dwelling. My niece is under my protection, and that shall not change—ever.”

Kara’s annoyance became abundantly clear, “As Beth is under mine. However, Lucian there comes a time in this long life to set those you love free. If one fails at permitting such a fate, they risk losing that ‘being’ forever. Do not forget, you yourself pressured Beth and me to take up residence in your wonderful city. Am I to assume you have changed your mind?”

Silently, I cursed fate, “Of course not! Having Beth here has been wonderful for Cassandra. When I suggested you purchase a home in the states, I meant the two of you—together.”

“Lucian you are fully aware. My soul will always yearn to rest within Egypt. For it is my home and forever shall be. Though I do enjoy traveling aboard, my family’s heritage is my salvation. As I’ve sensed within, Beth has found hers exploring your fascinating city.”

“My heart is warmed. Beth feels as I do. New Orleans is a city filled with surprise. Nevertheless, I fear her decision was influenced by my niece. Cassandra is adamant about discovering the mystery behind Isabella’s death. Though her questions have lessened, I sense she and Beth are up to something. And that my dear goddess—scares the hell out of me!”

“Lucian, Cassandra can sense as I how deeply your sibling’s death still pains you. Regardless the passing of time you cannot accept how Isabella’s demise came to be. The child adores you… so be there for her if needed on this quest.”

Remembering Kara’s words, I made my presence known, joining Beth and Cassandra in the polar. For my creator was correct. If I chose to forbid my niece her freedom, I sensed within the bond we share would be lost forever…








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