~ A Vampire’s Journal

Winter~ 1896

New Orleans

A Past filled with uncertainties…

On this night as I sit here in my study, I recall the past. The heart wrenching moment I learned of Isabella’s death. The agony I sensed within my beloved mother over losing her youngest child. For centuries, I have kept the memory of my sister buried deep. However, every day, Cassandra being here unleashes the old ghosts surrounding my sibling’s death.

Off fighting to protect mankind, the news of Isabella’s parting nearly destroyed me. Years later—the mystery of it all still remains unsolved. After the incident, I probed minds after human mind searching for the truth. Believing within an evil took the dear child from this earth. Unable to continue my quest because my vow to protect the innocent, I let matters rest.

Now the phantom image of my sister exists within these walls. When I hear Cassandra’s laughter, it’s as if Isabella is in the adjoining room. When delighted, her eyes shimmer with the same radiance her smile being the ghost of my father’s.

Many a night, I’ve toyed with the notion of sending the fledgling to live with Kara. However, the human within cannot bear the thought of her residing elsewhere. For she is lively—gifted beyond words—one emanating hope for our future. Fully comfortable in her new skin, the child fears naught. A quality, I must say—scares me to death!

Just the other evening while out hunting, she sensed my encounter with an evil undead. In moments, the young vampire materialized within the heat of the battle. Calling forth her powers, Cassandra lunged at my attacker. Waiting for me to rip out its heart then setting it aflame.

Once all was quiet, in a calm tone, she touched my mind. “Uncle Lucian… you must take greater care when hunting in this city.”

Momentarily stunned, I looked at her and pierced her thoughts. “Young lady under no circumstances will you foresee to inform me of what I must and must not do! I have existed in this city for quite some time. I’m fully aware of its dangers. You my dear—starting this evening will begin to act with regard when entering into a battle. Do I make myself clear?”

Cassandra’s actions shocked me further. The child met my blazing glare and smiled. Then she walked over and hugged me! Her response being ‘I love you Uncle Lucian…’ Never in all my existence had I been more astonished. Wrapping her tighter in my arms, I whispered. “And I love you… Now promise me—you will always act with caution!” Kissing my cheek, she nodded in agreement.

Glancing at my watch, I sense Cassandra’s return. I allowed her to spend the evening with Beth to take in a play in agreement with Kara. Since her return to Egypt the girls see too little of one another. My inner-self hoping my creator would purchase a residence here in the states soon. Suddenly, the house filled with laughter and the echo of my name. Smiling, I gulped down the remaining substance I’d been nursing for hours. Solemnly, I vowed, once again, to uncover the mystery behind Isabella’s death. Walking into the pallor, I glanced at the chess board.  Sensing the girls’ intent… both their cleverness longing to be challenged…

Lucian Monroe~


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