~ A Vampire’s Journal

Lucian’s journal reveals~

part #2 of a very special holiday story

Christmas Eve~ 2009

The Monroe Residence~

Worried for the elderly man’s safety, I offered him shelter this night at our home. His answer being a rejection, fearing the evil ones in time would track Katherine’s location if he remained.  My heart pained over this human’s loss as, I reached out to Kara. Within moments one of our most trusted allies appeared. He assured me a plan was already in place to watch over this human and keep him from harm.

An hour later while the child slept on the sofa Tristen, Ana, Jordan and I discussed how the devil we would protect this gifted human.  A task I feared once again placed the woman I love and our friends in danger. As well as imposing my wife to become a mother figure to Katherine. The blood within my veins began to burn—for this scared the hell out of me! Since becoming a vampire and understanding the extent of her powers, Jordan was fearless. Nothing mattered when it came to protecting those she loved. Already I sensed my wife’s affection toward this child. It was only a matter of time before Katherine owned her heart—as well as Ana’s.

During this discussion, our voices grew quite loud. Fearing this would upset the child, Jordan insisted we move into my study. Slamming the door with a mental thought, my wife cursed.

“Lucian—protecting Katherine will not become a burden for me! This child deserves a chance at a happy normal life. Dear God… look what the evil ones have already cost her. She witnessed her birth parents’ death! Then those she felt safe with were taken from her. Once again, she is alone.” My wife shouted.

Unable to control my fear filled anger. I responded in haste. “Listen to what you are saying Jordan. Katherine has been in this house less than three hours. Nevertheless, I sense you would risk all to protect her! And that my love—I cannot nor will allow!”

Fully understanding my fear, yet wanting to calm me, Tristen mentally reached out to me. “Lucian… your anger is not helping the situation. Your wife’s personality nearly mimics Ana’s. And you know as I once determined naught can change either’s decision.”

“Damn it Tristen… she makes me so angry! Yes… Jordan is a gifted vampire—but she is not invincible! A very important element she seems to forget.”

“Trust me my friend, Ana is no different. However… you must accept as I have—our wives human emotions always will surpass logic. As the men who love them—we must be there to keep them safe. Since the night Ana and I married, I’ve become quite good at that task.”

I glanced at Tristen and sighed. Once again, my friend helped me put an unforeseen situation in perspective. The bitterness and emotionless being he’d become after Maggie’s death truly no longer existed. Drawing in a breath, I composed my inner-self and eyed my beautiful wife. “Jordan, I’m sorry for losing my temper. At times my fear of losing you clouds the logic within.”

Blinking back the moisture in her emerald eyes, Jordan fell into my outstretched arms. “I know you believe me to be careless at times. Trust me, Lucian; I’ve no desire to leave this world or the man I love. Though you think I am reckless and act on emotions. I am not a fool! I’m fully aware of the evils possessing the power to end my existence.”

My wife’s words chipped away a piece of my soul. “I will never allow the evils of this world to harm you…”

Sensing in a few hours it would be dawn, I glanced at Tristen. Both of us agreed tomorrow we would devise a plan to ensure Katherine’s safety. Once alone with my wife, I kissed her fully. Sensing the burning need within her, I pulled Jordan tighter into my embrace. Using a mental thought, she now lay naked in my arms. As are bodies joined, I made passionate love to the woman I adored. Our souls once again, forever joined as one. Hours later we heard a tiny whimper coming from the other room. Within seconds Jordan and I donned a robe and were at the child’s side. Cuddling Katherine close, Jordan wiped away her tears. At that very moment, I knew this tiny human captured my wife’s heart along with mine.

As the church bells chime announcing Christmas morning was upon us, I glanced over at Jordan. Deep in the sleep of our kind, her beauty robbed me of breath. As the human child lay wrapped in her arms, I whispered a prayer. Accepting in my heart this tiny ‘being’ would forever be ours. Before surrendering my body to rest, I mentally reached out to Sam. I instructed him to purchase holiday gifts suited for a five year old female child. Thoroughly confused, my friend questioned my request. Fearing in some way I had lost my mind. I burst out into laughter—imagining the perplexed look on his face.

“I assure you Sam. I am quite sane. I will explain all when I pick you up at the airport later this afternoon, Merry Christmas old friend…”

Accepting my answer, Sam voiced all would be taken care of. After mentally thanking him, I stretched out on our king size bed. Wrapping Jordan and Katherine within my embrace, I kissed both their cheeks. As the sun set later today, once again our home would be filled with friends and family celebrating Christmas.

Explaining the arrival of Katherine… one I already sensed Jordan’s parents would consider a gift above all.

Lucian Monroe~

Merry Christmas to all my readers….



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