~ A Vampire’s Journal

Lucian’s journal reveals

A Special Holiday Story~

Christmas Eve~ 2009

The Monroe residence~

Drawing in a shattered breath, I watch as Jordan sleeps. Hours later—I’m still mystified by the tiny being lying beside her. Barely, five years in age, what I sense this human child has suffered—tares at my heart. For once again… my existence will forever be altered.

It all began earlier this evening. While the music chimed holiday tunes our guests’ laughed and danced. Later, Savanna and Caden led the group in Christmas carols. All surprised when Tristen sang a solo hymn dedicating it to his newly-wed wife Ana.

As I refreshed my drink sensing a stranger on our doorstep, my protectiveness rose as I greeted him. The gentleman dressed in a postal uniform said hello and handed me a sealed envelope. I nodded a thank you, wishing him a Merry Christmas. And he replied “Happy Holidays, Mr. Monroe.”

Gulping down the liquid, I walked into my study and examined the letter, noting immediately the ancient wax seal. Swallowing the bile rising in my throat, I opened the letter and began to read.


On this night, you and your lovely wife Jordan will be given a special gift. I can think of no other beings, I entrust more to protect the means to our future and all of mankind.

Merry Christmas~

Sensing the change in my demeanor moments earlier, Jordan came running into the room, “Lucian. What is wrong?”

Pulling my wife into a tender embrace, I assured her all was fine handing her the penned note.

After reading the words, she looked up at me and smiled. “It is Christmas Eve… all those we love are here celebrating. Whatever this special gift may be… we will deal with it—together. Now come on—everyone is asking where… that sexy husband of mine ran off to. Oh and I must warn you… my father is going to ask you the name of the jeweler who designed my wedding ring set. It seems mom has gently hinted what she desires for their anniversary more than once.”

Caressing my wife’s cheek, I smiled knowing the rings encircling her finger; she truly treasured above all the other gifts I’d given her. Kissing her fully on the lips, I took the letter from her hands locking it in my desk drawer. For Jordan was right. Tonight all those we loved were here—with us. At this very moment, the joy of family was all that really mattered.

Hours later Tristen and Ana remained, both insisted on helping Jordan, and I finish tiding up. At nearly 3:00am once again the doorbell rang. Tristen nodded and followed behind me. As I opened the door, there stood an elderly man with a child. A human child… instantly, I sensed she was one of the gifted. Though dressed in a wool coat, hat and mittens the little girl’s cheeks were bright red. At that moment, I invited them into my home.

Nodding a thank you, the stranger began to address why, he was here. “I apologize for the lateness of the hour. Due to the impending weather, it took some time for us to receive word the letter had arrived. Mr. Monroe, I’d like you to meet Katherine. This is the gift that needs protecting.”

Mentally communicating with Tristen, he appeared; both of us assured this man harmless. After introducing my friend to this stranger, I asked. “Where are the child’s parents? Who are we protecting her from and for how long?”

For a moment, the stranger hesitated. “Katherine’s parents died in a freak accident. The child is now under your care.”

Stunned by his words silently, I cursed. The world our kind lived in would always be filled with danger. And no place to raise a human child, “And who may I ask has chosen this child’s fate? I demand answers!”

As my voice grew louder, Jordan, and Ana rushed into the entrance way. In a single instant, Jordan knelt down by the child and smiled taking Katherine’s hand in hers.

Then she whispered, “How about a cup of hot chocolate?”

The child’s only response was a nod in agreement. As Jordan and Ana took her into the kitchen, once again I eyed the stranger. “What type of accident caused this child to become an orphan and why does she not speak?”

The man responded. “Katherine’s parents were killed by the evil ones when she was three.  She has not spoken a word since that night. The vampire who rescued her believed since birth the evil ones were mentally tormenting the child.”

“And who is this vampire? Does he still walk this earth?” I asked the human, needing to know all.

Suddenly, the stranger’s eyes turned misty. “My son and his wife Hanna died protecting the innocent. Once I got up the courage to go through their belongings, I found the letter. Hanna was insistent on who Katherine’s guardians became if anything happened to her and my son.”

Tristen and I were at a loss for words. Hanna was an ancient vampire. It was common knowledge ten years ago. She married her human lover. The husband she turned vampire shortly after they wed.

“I am very sorry for your loss. Sir, please don’t misunderstand. Hanna and I fought along with others of our kind centuries ago. Why did she instruct Katherine to be left in mine and my wife’s care?”

“Mr. Monroe… you are a man of honor among your people. Hanna loved Katherine as her own daughter, as did my son. They knew in time you and your wife would feel the same. And keep Katherine safe.”

As the taste of bile rose in my throat, I assured the elderly man Katherine would be protected.

Lucian Monroe~

***After midnight on Christmas Day part #2 of this touching story will be revealed…

Merry Christmas

D.A. Berry


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