~A Vampire’s Journal

Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

As a special Halloween treat, this journal entry is of Lucian and Jordan’s life together…

Book #1 A Deepened Hunger

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A Cry From Beyond

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The Monroe Estate 2009

As I sit here glancing over at my beloved Jordan rest, I thank fate. Once again, the holiday my wife loves so—is renewed with pleasant memories. A promise I vowed to fulfill the night, she became one with our world. For the thought of her fearing those masked, I could not allow. Because Gregory’s torment blackened the childhood moments, she treasured. So the other evening before the sun set, I instructed Sam to decorate the estate. Agreeing with my idea, he suggested in addition, we host a masquerade ball. Momentarily, I hesitated. Then, I recalled my wife’s deeply buried memories. Dressing in costumes, hosting such an event—for charity was a yearly ritual she adored. Until Gregory and Alex tainted all, she held dear. On this night sensing her joy within, will forever warm my heart…

The other evening, as we awakened, I kissed her lips fully and smiled. Sensing my excitement, she said. “What are you up to Lucian Monroe? I know that look… what are you planning?”

Taking her hand in mine, I escorted her to the main level of our home. Suddenly, every nerve in my immortal body began to tense up. What if my decision would only cause her further pain? If that happened, how would I undo the damage I’d done?

As we entered the living room, Jordan gasped. Drawing in a shattered breath, I pulled her close and whispered. “I’m sorry… I just thought… Jordan. I will have Sam take care of removing the decorations.”  Once our eyes joined, I swallowed the bile in my throat—for crimson tears stained her cheeks.

Standing on her toes, she leaned into my embrace and kissed my lips. “You completely misunderstand why I’m crying… I love it! Where did you find all this awesome stuff? That caldron looks like it’s from the 18th century!” Suddenly my wife burst into laughter, “Forget I just asked that question!”

As relief washed through me, I confessed. “I sent Sam out shopping. He too agreed with my decision of celebrating Halloween—along with my other idea.”

“And what would that be?” she asked.

“That, we would host a masquerade ball, for charity on Halloween—here at the estate.”

Jordan remained silent, though I could sense her mind thinking about what I just purposed. Patiently, I waited and watched as she began examining the other treasures, Sam had found.

Finally, after taking a seat on the sofa, she glanced up at me and smiled. “My parents have been hounding me for weeks about doing such an event. You will forever be in their good graces once they realize it was your idea. However, it must be by invitation only, I don’t want any surprises! I love this place and all the wonderful memories you, and I have made here. And I won’t let anything spoil that Lucian… Fighting the evil undead—is what we do—but not here…”

Never before had I loved the woman. I married more. Her courageousness, acceptance of what being my wife would always signify—meant everything. “I could not agree with you more… I will have Sam start on the invitations immediately and hand-deliver each one.”

The days and nights following were filled with preparation. The guest list consisted of 100 attendees all thrilled at the upcoming event. All agreeing—costumes mimicking horror characters from movies would be in bad taste. Especially once Sam let it slip out Jordan, and I would be dressing in 17th century attire. All invited then visiting every costume shop in town in search of old world clothing.

Finally, it was Halloween and the masquerade ball was upon us. Kara insisted on playing hostess to all arriving guests wanting to guarantee our safety. The ancient goddess became the talk of the evening. As Pierce Enterprise’s employed bachelors fought for her attention. Grayson shook his head in annoyance. The ebony eyed vampire once again captivated the male population. There was a moment, I truly felt sorry for him. Watching, Beth and Cassandra scold him mercilessly for his past mistakes, his accepting their criticism gracefully. Proving, he did indeed change.

Savanna and Caden, Tyler and Lizette ensured all of our guests’ glasses were filled. And the music continued to play upbeat tunes. As always, Mrs. Caden Davis insisted all join in doing the latest line dance. Tristen, assisted Savanna gather the group. Once again emotionally at peace—all because of one woman—Ana.

While our friends and business associates dined and danced, I pulled Jordan onto the terrace. After kissing her fully, I then said. “The party is a huge success. Sam informed me we raised over $30,000. All have asked him when the next charity event will be. And want to hire our friend as their event planner. I believe our guests will be quite disappointed when he declines their offer.”

My wife looked into my eyes and smiled. “Poor Sam, if our guests only knew the truth behind what he really does for a living. And I cannot agree with them more. The man is a gem!” Mentally caressing my heart with her inner gifts, Jordan continued. “Lucian…  Thank you… for doing this… for being the one, I can always count on. I love you with everything that I am…”

Pulling Jordan into a crushing embrace, I whispered. “As I shall love you for all eternity…”

Nearly dawn the evening came to an end. After we helped Sam tidy up, we thanked him for all he had done. The human nodded and bid us goodnight. Once alone in our master suite, I made passionate love to the woman I adore. As I sense her fall into the deep sleep, her dreams, once again are filled with such happiness. For another of Gregory’s haunting memories were destroyed on this night…

Lucian Monroe~



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