~ A Vampire’s Journal

Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

Book #1 A Deepened Hunger

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A Cry From Beyond

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Christmas Evening~ 1895

Cassandra Blackwood…

The music of carolers filled the streets. Tonight, for the first time since forever I’m enjoying this festive season. For this holiday will be one I shall treasure for all eternity. Glancing at Cassandra helping Beth decorate the enormous tree they insisted I purchase. I see so much of Isabella within her. Regardless, my loving sibling died centuries ago—it’s, as if she is here…

Sensing my mood, Kara glanced over at me and smiled. For she too was enjoying the holiday hymns filling the air. The happiness she radiated warming my heart. With a mental thought, I reached out to the vampire and asked, “Join me in dancing a waltz.”

“Why, Lucian I’d be honored.” she replied.

As we twirled around the parlor relief washed through me. The goddess, I loved like a sister once again was nearly herself. For I could sense Grayson’s betrayal haunted her less and less with each passing day.

Reading my mind, she sighed, “There is no need to worry about my mental state, Lucian. Grayson means naught to me. Those I care for are in this room. As the bond grows between Beth and Cassandra, I thank fate for giving us this child to look after. She is gifted Lucian and becoming a vampire has only enhanced her talent.”

“You’re referring to her physic powers am I not correct? Kara, I sense you believe as I. Cassandra’s desire to become a vampire stems from her ancestors’ past. Since the night she awoke, the child has inquired about Isabella. Do her green eyes resemble hers? Do I see my sister within her? Did she ever find true love? If so did she live a happy life? The child’s obsession with her great-great grandmother is beginning to concern me!”

Kara glanced at the young vampire then looked at me. “Lucian… though I truly believe there is a reason Cassandra ended up here in New Orleans. As to ‘why’ I cannot answer. I too have sensed she is quite preoccupied with your departed sibling. Somehow she discovered our secret. That, vampires—do exist… and now she is one of us. I’ve walked this earth a long time Lucian. Deep within I sense, your niece will play a part in our defeating the evil ones.”

The vampire’s confession momentarily robbed me of breath. “I do not want her involved in our war Kara. Cassandra is a fledgling—turned only to save her life. By the gods above—she’s 24 in human years! She has no idea the evil existing within our world.”

“You are speaking like a fledgling yourself, Lucian. Trust me; Cassandra is very aware of the evil within our world.”

“What are you not telling me Kara? What secrets did you uncover the night you destroyed Cassandra’s attacker?”

“It seems the evil ones feared her gifts Lucian… even more so now. Whatever, they come to be. Cassandra’s link to your past has existed within her since birth. That became quite clear the evening, I turned her.”

“Why Kara… Why after so many centuries would that be? I’ve been one of the undead for nearly 300 years. How could this child sense a connection to me—to Isabella?”

“That, I cannot answer, Lucian. Par from the choices Isabella made allowed the Monroe bloodline to carry on. And your families’ history is very much a part of Cassandra’s inner self. Until we know more all we can do is vow to keep her safe.”

I met Kara’s gaze and nodded in agreement. For a sudden feeling of frustration washed through me. Regardless these past weeks, I could sense much of Cassandra’s thoughts. Her growing physic abilities held such power and shielded what she chose.

Hearing Beth and Cassandra’s plan to go into town, my protectiveness took control as did Kara’s. Dressing for the occasion, we accompanied the two while they attended the festivities.

Hours later, my mind wandered. For I couldn’t help but question—what other secrets my mother kept regarding my beloved sister.

Lucian Monroe~


Cassandra Blackwood~ Learn the secret of her past in the weeks to come. The bizarre connection she shares with Lucian Monroe.










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