~ A Vampire’s Journal

Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

Book #1  A Deepened Hunger

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 A Cry From Beyond

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December 1895~

Lost Soul…

This evening as I awoke a female’s piercing cry startled me. Bursting into the night sky, I went in search of the mortal. Within seconds, I found her—covered in blood sprawled across my garden bench. I pulled the woman into my arms. Instantly, I sensed she’d been attacked by one of the undead. Silently, I cursed and reached out for Kara. Something deep within telling me, this mortal cannot leave this earth. While I awaited my creator’s response, I applied pressure on the gaping wound. In an instant, Kara appeared by my side—and began reciting an ancient healing chant, while piercing my thoughts—barking out orders.

“Lucian, slice your wrist, and mentally will—her to drink! Hurry—time is of the essence!”

Sensing what Kara planned, I asked. “You are going to turn her, why? What is so special about this human? Why did my inner-self know she could not leave this world?”

“I will explain all, later. Now do as I ask…”

Hours passed. I watched—feeling helpless as Kara continued to recite the healing words. Finally, the young woman began to cross over into our world—one of the undead. Once my creator willed the healing sleep, we placed her beneath the earth.

Sensing Kara’s need for nourishment, I handed her the glass filled with crimson liquid. Then with a mental thought, we wiped away the blood from our clothes and materialized in my study.

I eyed the goddess and asked, “Explain to me—what the devil is going on!”

Her uneasiness obvious, the vampire sighed. “Lucian… there are secrets, I’ve known for some time. To protect you—those you have loved. I’ve kept them hidden.”

“Kara, all those I loved passed away centuries ago. So unless you hold the power to bring them back from the dead, I’m a bit confused. What secrets you could be hiding?”

Taking a seat in my overstuffed chair, she continued. “The secret, I’m about to reveal—is about Isabella—your sibling.”

Hearing my beloved sister’s name—nearly robbed me of breath. Regardless the passing of time, I missed her so… “What about Isabella? And why did you feel the need to keep this secret from me all these years?”

“It is not easy to tell one you care for, the sibling he loved gave herself to another—though unwed.”

Suddenly, the beast within filled with rage, “That is a lie! Isabella was raised with honor! She would do no such thing—unless forced by the bastard!”

Kara walked toward me, “Lucian. I speak the truth. Though we were out fighting the undead, I commissioned another to watch over your family. Isabella fell in love with a common boy. Once she bore his child, they planned to run off together. A week before their rendezvous, the young man was killed by a street bandit. Emotionally devastated, she told Lady Monroe all. In the interest of the child, Isabella felt it best she be raised by two loving parents. Juliana, the mortal you once courted married a wonderful man. Though they were very happy, she was unable to carry a child full term. She and her husband raised your niece. Through the passing of time, the young woman, we saved this evening is a descendent of Isabella. That is the reason; your soul could not let her leave this world.”

Unable to move from Kara’s words, the secret she kept from me for centuries. I stared back at her. “How could you keep this from me? By-the-gods-above, she was my sister’s child!”

“That is why—I kept this secret for centuries. If this night never came to be, I would have kept it until the day my existence ended. The choices, I make will always be to protect those I care for. You know as I, if something happened to Isabella’s child because of what we are. You as I could not live with such a burden. Nevertheless… somehow this mortal woman ended up here—at your home. Now she is under my protection—one of us.”

“And what if she despises this life we lead? Tell me—Kara what will we do then?”

Kara swallowed the last of her crimson fluid then squeezed my hand. “I gave Cassandra a choice. She chose our world. It seems. She has known vampires’ exist for quite some time.”

I was taken back, “How is that possible, unless before this night, another has made its presence known?”

“That, I am not certain of. Once she awakens, and is comfortable in this new world will be the time for questions. I sensed. Cassandra felt a connection to you. That is the reason she came here. I believe this attack on her life was to keep her from discovering the truth about her ancestry.”

“Did you sense the evil being ‘who’ attacked her? Was it Grayson?”

“Grayson is deep beneath the earth. It seems his yearning for power came with a price. I sensed the undead that caused Cassandra harm is newly turned. His master an ally to those we fight. It is nearly dawn. On the marrow, I will hunt this fledgling down and destroy him. And we shall have the answers we seek. I’ll be resting within the grounds here.”

With a mere thought Kara turned into vapor and was gone. The goddess’s promise—to protect her newly turned child—the woman a descendent of the Monroe bloodline. Blinking back my crimson tears, I whispered Isabella’s name. “I give you my word of honor. I will keep Cassandra from harm…”

Lucian Monroe~










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