~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

Book #1  A Deepened Hunger

Author:  D.A. Berry     ON SALE @   www.amazon.com

August 1st 

A Deepened Hunger~ available for sale @ Kindle Bookstore…


 A Cry From Beyond

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November~ 1895


On this night, as I awoke, Kara’s request caused the beast within to inflame. I could not fathom—why she ordered Tristen to abandon his search. Grayson needed to be punished for his betrayal! The bastard nearly took my creator’s very existence—breaking her heart in two. Yet, she acted as if it were nothing. While we hunted, I demanded answers, as to why, she would allow her unfaithful husband to continue living. Her only response being, ‘this matter does not concern you… what’s done is done. I have moved on. Grayson means naught to me any longer.’

 I secretly probed her inner thoughts—even knowing her true feelings toward Grayson, would be buried deep. Though hoping for some insight as to why, she was sparing his life. The visions, I encountered momentarily robbed me of breath. Regardless the vampire emotionally destroyed Kara. She feared his strength would cause harm to those she loved. And the thought of losing another, she could not bear. The image of how Beth suffered by her hand plaguing her mind—night after night.

My heart aching for her loss—her inner torment, I pulled Kara into a brotherly hug. As our minds became one, I whispered into her thoughts. “You must forgive ‘yourself’ Kara as Beth has forgiven all that happened. The child will always love you. She above all, fully understands you were not the cause. Coming to the states, spending time with her—has it not proven that?”

“Lucian… you cannot begin to understand. When I look into her eyes, sense her inner thoughts—fear still exists. And I am the cause of that fear!”

Silently, I cursed, “Kara… what Beth fears—has naught to do with what happened in Cairo. She too, is worried the pain you have suffered will cause you to question your existence. She is scared to death of what you might do.” Sensing Kara’s shock from my words, I waited.

“I am an ancient, Lucian! Taking my own life is forbidden. Beth has been under my care for years. She above all should know. I would never do such a thing! By-the-fates above has that child not learned anything since being turned?”

“Yes, she has Kara… these past months. Beth has seen firsthand how vulnerable we truly are. Only you alone—have the power to ensure her—over time our immortality strengthens us. Regardless the hurdles this existence brings forth!” Emotions high, I knew at that very moment, I revealed my own weaknesses.

Blinking away her crimson tears, Kara whispered. “Don’t fear loving another, Lucian. For it is the greatest gift in our world. You and I have had this discussion many times. Someday, you will find a ‘being’, who will love you as no other—as shall Beth… I’ve always known in my soul your destiny will be one filled with happiness. Regardless the evil ones we must fight each day. Now come, I think it’s time. I reassure my Beth of her future.”

At a loss for words, I took Kara’s hand in mine, and we became one with the night. Deep within my soul, praying that day never came…

Lucian Monroe~




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