~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

Book #1  A Deepened Hunger

Author:  D.A. Berry     ON SALE @   www.amazon.com

August 1st 

A Deepened Hunger~ available for sale @ Kindle Bookstore…


 A Cry From Beyond

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All Hallows Eve~ 1895


After attending this evening’s festivities, convincing Kara to join us in New Orleans was the right decision. Seeing a faint glimmer of humanity in her eyes once again, warmed my heart. Though the past still haunts my creator, I sense she is beginning to heal. Believing my place is here to support Beth, I have asked Tristen to assist in locating Grayson. Since the young vampire and I agreed, though Kara’s carefree behavior is returning, it is too soon.

Tonight the goddess danced with every young male, each captivated by her charm. All imploring to call on her the following afternoon hoping, she’d be the woman gracing their arm at dinner. Though polite, Kara smiled as she declined their invitations. Explaining, she had no desire seeking another to share her bed now or in the near future. The look of disappointment on the young humans’ faces made me chuckle. For my creator was beyond stunning, dressed as a ‘Victorian’ queen only enhanced her beauty to the point of stealing one’s breath. When, I think of what Grayson tossed away, his yearning for power—rage taunts me within. The bastard was a fool and beyond cruel, along with breaking every rule ‘our kind’ lives by. And for that… Tristen and I will destroy the vampire!

Tristen… sensing Kara’s distraught, my friend has risen to aid me. Regardless the demons within since Maggie’s death, his desire for revenge seems to have lessened. The other evening, I observed his emotions are naught. He has become a vampire existing only—to save those in need and feed its hunger once darkness covers the earth. Deep within, I cannot help but wonder. Will the same fate cast its spell on my creator? Is the happiness one feels from loving another ever enough to sustain the pain of their loss? From what I’ve witnessed, I believe only hurt remains… and I’m thankful never to have found such a love.

Lucian Monroe~






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