A Vampire’s Journal~ D.A. Berry


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

Book #1  A Deepened Hunger

Author:  D.A. Berry     ON SALE @   www.amazon.com

August 1st 

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 A Cry From Beyond

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October 1894


On this night as I awoke the feeling of Kara’s emptiness filled my thoughts. Many moons have passed since Grayson’s betrayal. However, her heart remains shattered—aching from loneliness.  Wanting to be there for my creator, I have rested inside her domain these past months.  Each night I fight to calm the beast within, yearning to destroy the vampire that caused her suffering. Sensing my frustration, Beth agrees the time has come for me to depart. And seek out the bastard! Knowing once, I discover Grayson’s location; I shall take his life without a care.

Since Kara spends most of her time alone—blocking out reality. I wonder if she will even sense his destruction. While I’m gone, Beth will do her best to convince our creator to leave this place, at least for awhile. And take up residence in the states. Both of us hoping a change in scenery will help the goddess heal. For we fear the stunning vampire has lost all desire to exist.  That the only thing keeping her in our world… is the humans, she vowed to protect.

After kissing Beth’s tender cheek, I turned into vapor and materialized in Kara’s private chambers. Sensing she was lost in thought, I announced my presence. Wiping at her tear stained eyes; the vampire glanced up at me and exhaled.

In a solemn tone she whispered, “Cairo has been my home for centuries—the place I have adored.  Yet resting within these walls now… brings me nothing but sorrow. How could I have been so naïve, Lucian? How could I have let Grayson deceive me in such a way? Damn him… may he rot in hell!”

Kara’s pain ripping apart my soul, I pulled the vampire into a brotherly hug.  Sensing remaining; here would emotionally destroy, my creator, I voiced my thoughts.  “I’m so sorry… this is your home, and once again it will bring you joy.  You need time to heal… time away from here. Come to the states for awhile. New Orleans is quite charming, as you already know. Months ago, Beth purchased a lovely dwelling on the edge of the city. In hopes, you would join her and stay through the winter season.”

The goddess cursed out loud, “Beth should detest me for what I nearly did to her.  Lucian, I all but destroyed her that night she went in search of you. I know within my soul. I would have, if she remained… For Grayson’s control blinded me.  Yet when she is near, I sense only her worry for my well being.”

“Kara, Beth loves you… as a daughter who treasures her mother.  When she came to me for help, she was frantic. Your being safe was her only concern.”

“I do love her like a daughter, Lucian… And it pains me deeply within knowing I harmed her.”

“Beth fully understands you were not yourself. Kara, she is worried sick as I am. Please… come to the states. Spend some time in the city, I’ve come to love—embrace its wonder.” Unable to read my creator’s thoughts, I patiently awaited her answer.

The vampire met my gaze and smiled. “I envy the woman who one day captures your heart. Alright, Lucian… I will accompany you and Beth to New Orleans…”

As relief washed through me, I mentally reached out to Beth.  Her sense of relief matching mine, we agreed once settled. I would hunt Grayson vowing—his death by my own hands.

Lucian Monroe~

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