~A Vampire’s Journal

Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

Book #1  A Deepened Hunger

Author:  D.A. Berry     ON SALE @   www.amazon.com

August 1st 

A Deepened Hunger~ available for sale @ Kindle Bookstore…


 A Cry From Beyond

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Cairo 1894~

A Heart Destroyed

Tonight as I awoke, once again Kara’s cries ripped apart my soul. Knowing, her bastard husband still walked this earth calling forth the beast within me. Remembering the scene Beth and I walked in on—may the vampire rot in hell.

Two nights past, as the full moon lit the evening sky, the young vampire and I masked our presence. Once on the balcony entrance, we transformed from vapor. Joining our powers, we shattered the etched glass door into a thousand pieces. The sight before Beth and I, nearly robbed us of breath. For on the plush carpet there Kara lay covered in blood. Screaming in agony, her victim’s heart crushed between her talon fingers.

Fighting to get control of my emotions, I rushed toward the ancient vampire. Wrapping her within my embrace, I pierced her thoughts. “Kara, listen to the sound of my voice. Beth and I are here. Your powers are no longer in danger of being taken from you.”

With crimson tear filled eyes, Kara stared back at me. “He betrayed me Lucian… In a single moment the bastard destroyed all I hold dear—the oath I’ve upheld for centuries. You see the blood on my hands… Do you realize what I have done? I have taken a human life!”

“Kara, you know as I, the beast living within us will always fight to survive. Grayson is the cause of this—he alone broke the oath we uphold. Where is he? Tell me, Kara.”

The vampire hesitated, “Once I awoke, I sensed an evil within our home. I dressed quickly and willed myself to the main level, fearing Grayson was in danger. The scene I walked in on paralyzed me… it was as if a dagger pierced my heart. For here in this very room lay my husband, skin to skin with another wrapped in his arms. A newly turned vampire whore born from those we fight. Unable to control my emotions, I unleashed the beast within me. In a single breath, I lunged toward him… not realizing how weakened my powers were. Suddenly, Grayson’s laughter filled my mind. As he tossed me to the ground, I screamed ‘it was over between us’. I ordered, he and his whore out of my house… vowing once, I was of full strength… I would destroy him. I sensed he had gone and called out for one of my house maids. As she approached, her pounding heart pierced my thoughts. Once within my reach, the scent of Grayson’s sexual release flooded my nostrils. Anger washed through me—for she too had betrayed me. As my fangs lengthened, I ripped into her throat—not caring her life would end this night.”

Wiping away Kara’s tears, I kissed her cheek. “I know the bond you share between those living within your home. The human chose her own destiny. Come, I sense you are still extremely weak. You must go deep within the earth to heal. Beth and I will take care of what needs to be done.”

“Beth… she tried to warn me, yet I refused to listen… to see Grayson for what he truly was. I’m so sorry my dearest, Beth…”

Emotions high, the young vampire ran to her creator, hugging her close. “You have nothing to apologize for… now go and rest. Lucian is right. You look like hell.”

At that moment, Beth and I helped Kara to her feet. The ancient vampire faked a smile as she walked into her hidden chamber. Once we sensed our creator in the deep sleep, we set safeguards to protect her home. As we destroyed all remnants of what happened here this night, we vowed to one another. Grayson Moore’s eternal existence would come to an end very soon…

Lucian Monroe~


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