~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

Book #1  A Deepened Hunger

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August 1st 

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 A Cry From Beyond

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February 1894

Spring 1894

New Orleans~

Tonight as I awoke, her presence took me by surprise. Drawing air into my lungs, I dressed with a mental thought. As I opened the front door of my New Orleans home, Beth stood there. Her emotion filled hazel eyes staring back at me. I pulled the young vampire into a sisterly hug and whispered. “What brings you to New Orleans and why do I sense such sadness within you?”

Beth stood on her toes leaned into my embrace and kissed my cheek. Curious as to why, she was hesitant to answer my question. I invited her into my home, and she took a seat on my overstuffed chair in the study. Sensing her hunger, I poured her a glass of substance. I now kept in hiding since my last encounter with the evil undead. Once nourished, she glanced up at me, and half smiled blinking away crimson tears. With a thought, I wrapped her in my arms—fighting to control the beast within. Though we rested on continents apart from one another, I knew the vampire well. Her somber mood only meaning one thing—someone had hurt her deeply.

Anxious over my reaction, Beth began to explain. “Kara and I had a disagreement regarding Grayson. He is up to something Lucian, I can sense it! Yet, our creator refuses to see the truth, for she is blinded by love. Since becoming a vampire, he is naught as before, his only desire to become a ‘being’ of supreme power.”

Sudden anger washed through me, “What has he done? Has the bastard hurt you, hurt, Kara in some way? For if he has, you must tell me! Damnation… since the night Kara introduced us, I sensed he yearned to become one of the undead above all else!”

“That is just it, Lucian! Grayson is a complete gentleman in her presence. It is the company he keeps after he has exhausted her with his love making—nearly draining her of the very substance she needs to exist.”

Cursing fate, I swallowed back the bile rising in my throat. For what Beth just revealed could only happen if an ancient allowed it during one’s transformation. How could she have been so naïve? All the undead knew you never allow another the means to control you in such a way. For it could end your existence if drained nearly of your life force night after night. “Are you the one, Kara feeds off of to regain her strength once Grayson departs? Tell me the truth, Beth!”  

The young vampire met my gaze, “Since it began… yes… But she is an ancient Lucian… one needing to exist of full strength. Two nights past, she nearly destroyed me. Moments before dawn, while Kara drifted into the sleep of the dead, I fled. To the states… to find you… we must help her. Please Lucian… I know what I’m asking goes against everything we promised her. Nevertheless, if we do not intervene, I fear Kara will cease to survive.”

Using all my inner strength to control the beast I nodded in agreement. Sensing Beth still yearned for nourishment, I took her hand in mine. In a single thought, we became one with the sky. For tonight we would hunt, filling our bodies of the crimson fluid until dawn. For on the morrow, Grayson Moore would face our wrath—screaming in pain as we destroyed him.   

Lucian Monroe~


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