~ A Vampire’s Journal



Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

February 1894

A Past Powerless to Avenge~

Tonight as the crescent moon illuminated the dark sky, I curse fate. As my efforts, these past months revealing the evil vampire have rendered useless. The one being who orchestrated Margarita’s death remains unknown, an ancient—capable of controlling its followers. For it is the only logical explanation behind this mystery. A mystery my creator, Kara believes will remain unsolved.

 Her somber words earlier, forever embedded in my thoughts, “Lucian, Grayson and I have failed. There is nothing more we can do. Those protecting this being have chosen death rather than reveal its identity. I fear this battle has come to an end… Once Tristen rises from beneath the earth, I will inform him of our findings. ”

I thanked my creator for all she and Grayson had done. Knowing this ripped apart her soul as deeply as it did mine. For Tristen’s loss had changed the vampire forever. Margarita was his heart, the reason he existed. I sense within, my dear friend knows of our findings. Regardless, Kara has not reached out to him mentally. So as I sit here penning my thoughts, I ask myself. ‘How will this influence our world? Once Tristen chooses to rise, will he become the very beast we hunt? Will all his humanity be overcome by hatred?’ Knowing the answers I seek only time will unveil. Knowing if the vampire chooses to allow the beast living in all of us control, I will fulfill my duty. And the being I call a friend will leave me no other option—other than to destroy him. A fate I pray never comes to be…

Lucian Monroe~


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D.A. Berry, author

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