~ A Vampire’s Journal



Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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August 1st 

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 A Cry From Beyond


Winter 1893         

A Period of Change~

Earlier once I awoke—being here, my thoughts reminisced about the past. Much within our world has changed since Margarita’s death. Unable to disclose the one accountable has nearly driven Tristen mad. Fearing his inner beast, the vampire remains buried deep within the earth. Yet night after night, his cries haunt the skies. Drawing in a breath, I poured myself a glass of substance. Moreover, wondering why, I chose to visit Monroe Castle?

Cursing fate, I swallowed the crimson liquid, smashing the crystal goblet between my talon fingers. Sensing a sudden change in the air, I glanced outside. As the winter storm intensified, I willed the castle door to open and walked into its treachery. The frozen pellets began cutting into my flesh. Blocking the pain from my thoughts, I continued toward the family crypt. Moments later, I entered my parents’ burial chamber. Seeing their names etched in the marble stone, as always crushed my heart. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out the silver crucifix. Its yellowish stones reminded me of the light that no longer shined in Tristen’s eyes. Suddenly, I found myself telling the deceased Mr. and Mrs. Monroe the entire horrid tale.

Hours later, I bid them good evening. Gazing, one last time at the crucifix now placed near my mother’s treasured pieces before I sealed the crypt. For I know within my soul, centuries will pass before, I return. The ache of losing them—the suffering Tristen is fated to endure has intensified long forgotten emotions.   

Once the sun sets on the morrow, I will cross into another realm—a place where evil rests. To save Tristen’s soul, I must do this. And reveal the merciless vampire, the one truly responsible for Margarita’s death.

Lucian Monroe~



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