~A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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August 1st 

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 A Cry From Beyond


May 1892

An encounter with evil~

Tonight as I awoke, once again, my body throbbed within, sensing Tristen’s did as well. Silently, I cursed fate. Two nights passed, buried deep beneath the earth, yet neither he, nor I was of full strength. As I drew air into my lungs, Tristen’s anger pierced my thoughts. Once, he sensed the vampires’ protecting Maggie’s slayer no longer within this realm.

Fearing the vampire would act foolishly, I mentally reached out to him. “Tristen, though we did not uncover the evil one’s identity, we did learn of others involved. Once you and I have fully recovered, we will seek them out. They cannot stay hidden forever as they must feed.”

“As must we, Lucian… so I suggest you become one with the night and join me. I already feel my body regaining its strength from those I’ve feasted on.”

Sensing the vampire’s ruthlessness as he drank, I swore. “Tristen, you are behaving like a fledgling. You know as I, nearly draining ones life force is forbidden!”

“Do not dictate what is and is not acceptable behavior within our world, Lucian! For the evil ones changed the rules the night, they murdered my wife! And I will use whatever means necessary to destroy them!”

Taking to the skies, I screamed into his mind. “So is this how you plan on honoring Maggie’s memory for all eternity? By becoming the very creature we hunt!”

As I took on human form next to Tristen, the scent of fresh blood overwhelmed my nostrils. A sense of unease stinging my nerve endings as I eyed the bodies scattered about. “By the gods above, Tristen—can you even grasp what you have done?” the vampire’s crimson eyes stared back at me.

His hunger satisfied, Tristen tossed his last victim to the ground. “Murderers, thieves and rapist are the mortals I’ve hunted for centuries! Be thankful, I chose to drain them and not an innocent.” Without a care, the vampire set the human bodies aflame.

Stunned by Tristen’s behavior, I lunged at him. For the vampire’s sudden disregard for humanity sickened me. Calling forth my supremacy, I grasped him within my hold, ‘as I too had fed prior to joining him’.  Not expecting the attack momentarily enabled him powerless. Mentally, I reached out to the human within. ”You cannot continue down this path, my brother. The choicesyou are making go against everything you believe in. Betray the woman you loved as no other. Honor your wife’s memory. Bring her killer to justice… but not like this Tristen… Not like this…”

Suddenly, I sensed the rage within Tristen turning into unbearable pain. As his bloodstained tearing eyes looked at me, “I cannot do this Lucian… each night, I awake Maggie’s loss takes another piece of my soul. My anger is all that’s left of me… Honoring my vow, all are brought to justice for taking her life.”  

Cursing fate, I sighed, “Tristen, I cannot begin to fathom the loss you are feeling. However, the path you are traveling will destroy you. You know as I, the evil ones will stay hidden until the next full moon. They did not walk away from our battle unscathed either. Go to ground Tristen, shut down your body and give it time to heal. Allow your mind to do the same. Please, do it for Maggie… in honor of what the two of you shared, believed in.”

Knowing, I spoke the truth, Tristen nodded in agreement. Once all remnants of his being on the waterfront removed, the vampire lunged toward the skies. Sensing his destination, I cursed the evil undead. For my old friend, once again would seek his rest in the crypt sheltering Margarita’s burnt ashes.

Lucian Monroe~








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