~ A Vampire’s Journal



Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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August 1st 

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 A Cry From Beyond

Book #2 in my Vampire series~

February 1892

The Beast Within~

Tonight as the moon magnified the stormy sky, once again Tristen’s rage pierced my thoughts. As, his emotionless eyes will forever haunt my soul. Once, I revealed there was more to Maggie’s death; the beast within my friend is all that remains. The vampire’s sole mission—discover the one being who orchestrated his wife’s demise.

I cannot help but wonder. This being, did he at anytime fathom, the consequences if his plan failed? Did he realize the vampire he longed to control possesses the power to destroy him? For Tristen’s only emotions existing within are those inflamed from hatred.

I think back to the evening, I arrived in Italy. As I approached the mausoleum, Tristen’s agonizing sense of loss echoed in the wind. Making my presence known, I took on human form, materializing within the marble crypt.

My long-time friend’s spoken words that of a broken man, “I envy you, Lucian. Loving another will only cause your heart to weep for all eternity.”

At that very moment, I knew the secret I was about to reveal would change everything. For Tristen’s sole desire would be that of revenge. Once, I told him what Kara had discovered the beast within lost all control. For the vampire, I call a friend—no longer existed. As he shrieked, his crimson emotionless eyes stared back at me. Cursing fate, I sensed, Tristen would honor his wife’s dying words… only to seek out the evil being. No longer caring, he pledged to Margarita to protect mankind.

Lucian Monroe~

For a preview of book #2  ‘A Cry From Beyond’ see the book trailer below… 

Welcome to the realm of the ‘undead’









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