~A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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January 1892 

Sweet Revenge~

     Tonight once I awoke, I sensed their presence. Quickly, I dressed and willed myself to the main floor of my southern home. As Kara stood in the entrance way, Grayson on her arm, I invited them in. Her crimson eyes stared back at me, the rage within her piercing my thoughts.

     Drawing in a breath, I asked what I feared I already knew to be the cause. “You have discovered where Tristen’s creator seeks his rest, am I not correct?”

     Taking a seat in my overstuffed chair, she replied. “These past weeks, what Grayson and I discovered is quite alarming. Though Tristen’s creator orchestrated the events which lead to Margarita’s death, it is much more.”

     Needing fully to understand, Kara’s statement, I nodded, and she continued, I wanted to know all. “It seems, Margarita’s death was a plot to disrupt our universe. Tristen’s creator carried out this order given by another. For centuries, the evil ones have yearned to possess supreme powers. They believe once destroying the being we love—hatred will rule our souls. You know as I, a vampire’s ruthlessness is undisciplined without human emotions. Margarita’s absence has nearly destroyed all of Tristen’s humanity. If he chose to become one with his creator, evil as never before would be unleashed.”

     My inner-self burned with rage from Kara’s words, cursing fate, I shouted. “Have you located his creator’s resting place? Do you know the other undead involved? Here my words, Kara, I shall honor my vow to Margarita… Tristen will not lose his soul to such a traitor!”  

     Sensing my anger building, Kara touched my mind—easing the beast within. In a level tone, she divulged all. “Tristen’s creator no longer walks this earth, for Grayson, and I destroyed him. I assure you, the agony, he suffered, was merciless. However, he was loyal to his quest. The undead, he refused to betray—regardless, how many times, I cut into his mangled carcass. The horror of his existence ending, robbing him of air, as his blood nourished the rodents.”

     As a sense of triumph filled my thoughts, I asked. “Is Tristen aware his creator has been destroyed? Does he know the truth why, his wife no longer lives?

     Kara glanced at her husband Grayson, wrapping, her hand in his. Silently, I swore, sensing my creator blocking their mental conversation. Leaning closer to the newly turned vampire, she sighed. “Tristen knows of his creator’s destruction… yet he is unaware others also prearranged Margarita’s death. Lucian, you must be the one to tell him. I fear this news will all but destroy him. Only you possess the strength to reason with him. As to, why, he must honor his wife’s dying words.  Grayson and I must return to Europe. We only just discovered, Gregory’s young bride Alexandria was also attacked two nights after Margarita’s death. On the morrow, once darkness covers the earth, the ancient vampire agreed to a meeting. I pray to the fates, this rendezvous will reveal the knowledge, we seek to end this.”

     I looked at my creator, cursing what she asked of me—regardless, I vowed to honor her request. After Kara informed me of Tristen’s location, she and Grayson bid me goodnight. Drawing in a piercing breath, I glanced at the moon-lit sky. Once the sun set on the morrow, I would travel to Italy. Fearing deep within, once again, my old friend would seek my destruction for the news I shall bear.


Lucian Monroe~






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