~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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December 1891

A Haunted Past~

Once again, this night as I awoke, Tristen’s methods of seeking revenge pierced my thoughts. For nearly two moons past, my friend has wreaked havoc among our kind in search of, his creator. For he discovered, the ancient vampire, ‘the being’ ordered Margarita’s death that long ago night. I cannot fault his methods—for I would do the same. If by some chance, I had another to love completely, and she was taken from me. However, I fear the change in him as his human side is becoming nonexistent.

Wanting to seek out Kara’s assistance, I chose to return to New Orleans. For my creator also worries, Tristen’s methods over time will reveal our secrets. We are ‘undead’ beings of the night, needing human blood to survive. For centuries, we have kept our secret hidden. The mortals of this world believing, we are nothing more than a myth.

Once I have fed, I shall meet Kara and her newly turned husband Grayson in the square. For both feel, they possess the means to unmask the ancient vampire’s resting place. It has been almost a year since my creator wedded her beloved. A joining, I fear someday will break Kara’s heart in two. For I sense, Grayson knows more than he is willing to reveal about the night Tristen’s wife was taken from this world. Yet, I cannot understand, how that is possible? Knowing, Margarita died long before Grayson became a part of Kara’s world. I ask ‘myself’ am I acting like a fool… wanting only to ease my friend’s pain—allowing my human emotion to control my thinking. Knowing the answer I seek, only time will reveal…


Lucian Monroe~            




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