A Cry From Beyond~ preview


To all my readers, as a special treat here is a preview of my next novel ‘A Cry From Beyond’

Release Date~ August 1st 2010





Once again, the vampire awoke as excruciating pain ripped apart his chest.  Sucking the musty air into his lungs, Tristen cursed destiny.  Regardless how deeply he blocked her memory from his thoughts, night after night, she haunted him.  The dead woman, he loved beyond reason, his wife, Margarita Sinclair.  The being, he failed to protect, the vision of her demise breaking him in two.  Wiping the blood-stained tears from his eyes, Tristen touched the etched carving on the crypt.  Remembering the night, his existence changed forever.

They were enjoying an evening at the opera, when suddenly; Lucian’s cry for help pierced his thoughts.  Sensing his sudden change in demeanor, Margarita whispered. “We must help him, Tristen… for he cannot win this fight alone.”  Cursing the fates, he took his wife’s hand as they transformed into vapor.  Deep within, for some odd reason, fearing the evils they were about to face.

Scanning the night skies, they prepared themselves for battle.  Suddenly, the stench of death and decay filled their nostrils. Taking on human form, he and Margarita lunged toward their enemies.  At that moment, the merciless war between good and evil began.  As the blood-thirsty undead brought forth all their power the air shifted, unleashing a beast from the depths of hell.

Nearly robbed of all strength, they fought, refusing to surrender.  Lucian along side, his creator, Kara, he and Margarita, each of them, determined to protect mankind.  After what seemed like forever, the night turned quiet.  Until, Margarita’s cries pierced their thoughts.

Running to his wife, he wrapped Margarita in his arms. Her blood-soaked body robbing him of breath, mentally calling forth his powers, he attempted to heal the gaping wound within, her chest.  Screaming into the night, as her dying words pierced his mind. ‘Tristen… you must carry on—promise me, you will protect the innocent…’ Unable to deny her anything, she asked or wished, he agreed.  Regardless, her request condemned him to an existence in the midst of anguish.

Paralyzed within, he fought to return to the present.  Consumed with torment from the memories of that night, the vampire crushed Margarita’s wedding band between talon fingers.  Glancing at her scrolled name upon the stone monument, Tristen howled.  The pain of losing her, failing to keep her safe from harm the curse he’d bear forever…     




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