~ A Vampire’s Journal



Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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 A Cry From Beyond

Book #2 in my Vampire series~


October 31st 1891

The evils among us~     

On this night as darkness covered the earth, I felt an evil hovering above. Once fully nourished, I mentally reached for Tristen confirming he sensed the same. Taking flight, we joined forces and began combing the skies. All emotions gone, the eagerness, I sensed within my friend worried me. Knowing every passing day Maggie’s death was not avenged; the vampire grew more and more dangerous. Her brutal murder—forever filled his thoughts, the beings who betrayed us consuming his soul.

As we approached the Oceanside town the smell of death filled our nostrils. Lunging toward the ground, Tristen’s infuriated screams pierced the night. Once again, the lifeless bodies of countless humans covered the grassy knoll. Both of us cursing fate, we were too late…

Sensing the creatures hidden in the brush, Tristen and I masked our presence. Joining forces mentally we attacked—ripping their blood-thirsty hearts from within. As we set them aflame, casting each into hell with a single thought. All but one, the undead Tristen knew aided in murdering, his beloved Maggie. Once all remnants of what took place here this evening destroyed, we took to the sky. Vowing, our prisoner—would disclose all.

Deep within the veiled chamber, I kept watch. As Tristen used whatever methods necessary to obtain the answers he sought. The being’s cries from the pain inflicted upon him ruthless. After a time sensing it no longer of this world, I patiently waited. Moments later emotionless eyes stared back at me, and I asked “Did you find the answers you seek?”

Drawing in a shattered breath, Tristen responded. “The spineless bastard knew naught why Maggie, their intended victim. He simply obeyed his master’s command—which he suffered dearly for this night.”   

Sensing the betrayal within Tristen, silently, I cursed, “Who is this master?”

“Someone, I trusted since the beginning…”

Before, I could respond, Tristen turned into vapor, his purpose clear. The vampire was going in search of his creator. Vowing to destroy the very creature who gave him eternal life…

Lucian Monroe~


A Cry From Beyond… 

He has existed for centuries…

Fighting evil… Vowing to protect the one being—he loved beyond reason.

The woman he pledged his heart to—that long ago evening they were married.

Now… night after night the vampire awakes—consumed with agonizing pain.

For he failed to keep his promise—her death haunting him… ripping apart his soul.

For 200yrs—emotionally the vampire has battled the beast with-in—wanting to end his existence.

Cursing his wife’s dying words—

“Tristen… you must carry on—promise me you will protect the innocent…”

Her dying words forever—embedded in his mind…

Unable to bear her loss—any longer… he plans his demise…

While the vampire rests under the moon-lit sky awaiting the rising sun…

A panic-stricken voice invades his thoughts.

Pleading for his help…pleading he save her from the soulless monster—

An ancient vampire~ the good of his kind believed no-longer of this world…  


At the age of 17 a monster existing to inflict pain—emotionally destroyed her.

Ripping apart her inner-self—subconsciously tormenting her mind night after night.

For she will always live in fear—as darkness covers the earth…

That night an institution… for the mentally in-sane—became Ana’s home.

10yrs… she has lived hidden from the being.  Now… once again the creature—has found her.

Knowing deep with-in—this time—the monster tormenting her thoughts will not stop until it owns her soul.

Mentally she cries out—not understanding—yet believing the one …

With emotionless eyes—possesses the power to save her.

~Enter into the realm of the undead…

~Tristen and Ana’s story…











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