~A Vampire’s Journal

Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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 A Cry From Beyond

Book #2 in my Vampire series~

Spring~ 1891

On this night, I awoke sensing his presence—Tristen Sinclair. With a mental thought, I dressed and willed myself onto the veranda. I greeted my old friend—frustrated, still unable to read his thoughts. The vampire stared at me—his emotionless eyes haunting as he pierced my mind.
“Lucian—I sense you are curious—why I’ve come to visit this night.”

Drawing in a breath, I replied. “Tristen—once Kara’s lavish wedding concluded—you vanished. Why does it surprise you—I am a bit taken by your visit tonight?”

“As, I explained that night—seven years—alone—you forget the past, my friend.”

Tristen’s demeanor worried me—for the vampire appeared drugged—as in a trance-like state. In centuries past—the being—was always full of life—capable of influencing others. Tonight he seemed a shell of a man.

Uncertain—his reason for coming here, I invited the vampire to join me while I hunted. Believing since the sun just set—he also needed to feed. Tristen accepted my offer and we became one with the night. We combed the earth in silence for some time—after what seemed like forever, the vampire whispered.

“Since Margarita’s death—I’ve relived that night over and over—her cries as the blade pierced her heart torturing my soul. Her—pleading for me to continue without the woman I love—destroying my inner-self.”

“Tristen… what can I do to ease the emptiness I sense within you? Each night as darkness covers the earth, I think of the friend—I love as a brother. How—my inability to sense the vampires’ plan cost—you the woman you adored.”

“I am as guilty as you—Lucian. I never realized my wife was in danger—that she was their intended victim… damn them to hell! I shall not rest until I avenge Margarita’s death.”

Suddenly, all became clear. Tristen’s motive for visiting this night was to seek vengeance on those who destroyed his reason for exiting. Knowing my guilt over Margarita’s death—pledged my assistance.    

Lucian Monroe~      















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