~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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COMING SPRING OF 2010      A Cry From Beyond

Book #2 in my Vampire series~



Spring 1884~

A forlorn existence…

For six nights passed, I’ve been buried deep with-in the earth. Reliving my most recent encounter with the evil undead—for it nearly ended my existence. Nevertheless, here I sit—continuing to breathe because of one being.  The one being—that long ago night who vowed to destroy me.  Tristen Sinclair—how I’ve missed the friendship we once shared. Only the vampire was quite clear—why he saved me that night. His words will forever be embedded in my mind…

That evening I awoke sensing evil in the air. I nourished my hunger and became one with the night and began the hunt. Hidden in the shadows, I approached the abandoned farmhouse. The stench of death momentarily robbed me of breath. I blocked all emotions from my thoughts and listened. Praying—I was not too late—wanting to believe the humans I vowed to protect would not die this night. My heart began to ache with-in. For only a fool—a young vampire—a fledging would believe such a tale.  I took human shape and entered through a broken down window. There lay on the rotted floor three individuals drained of blood, their souls no longer a part of this world. Silently, I cursed the fates—swearing, I—Lucian Monroe would end this treachery.  Not caring if this fight devoured my soul—robbing me of my last breath.

With-in moments my request was granted as six blood thirsty vampires attacked. Closing my mind to all feeling, I lunged forward. And my talon fingers ripped into their rotted flesh. Their laughter echoed in the night—taunting me. For their strength surpassed my own. Suddenly, my body filled with excruciating pain as the evil ones tore apart my flesh. For my crimson colored blood dripped onto the frigid ground. Their masked voices pierced my thoughts as they drank my life force. “Lucian Monroe—your existence will end this night.” They chanted over and over. Depleted of strength—believing I would die that night, I continued to fight. For I would not swallow my last breath a coward!

Floating between two worlds is when I sensed his presence—Tristen. Barely conscious I tried to focus. The being—long ago my friend took to the sky and attacked with a vengeance. Suddenly, the night turned quiet. The vampire walked toward me. Sensing his hatred still—I wondered if he intended to be the one to end my existence.

Tristen’s emotionless voice pierced my thoughts. “Do not fear Lucian—your life will not end this night. When I destroy you—it will not be when you are near death. You see my one time friend—I want you to suffer as I have. For your betrayal, I shall never forgive.”

Tristen’s words pained my soul that night—more than I ever believed possible. Even so, here I rest—because the vampire I betrayed is not without a soul.  For my vampire friend learned long ago to control the beast with-in—to love another—only to have the one he adored—loved ripped away.  

I can sense you hear my thoughts Tristen. I pray in time—you can forgive my deception.  For the sham and guilt with-in robs a piece of my soul as I awake every night.


Lucian Monroe~


Look for Tristen’s story in my next spellbinding novel~

Released date:  spring of 2010

A Cry From Beyond… 

He has existed for centuries…

Fighting evil… Vowing to protect the one being—he loved beyond reason.

The woman he pledged his heart to—that long ago evening they were married.

Now… night after night the vampire awakes—consumed with agonizing pain.

For he failed to keep his promise—her death haunting him… ripping apart his soul.

For 200yrs—emotionally the vampire has battled the beast with-in—wanting to end his existence.

Cursing his wife’s dying words—

“Tristen… you must carry on—promise me you will protect the innocent…”

Her dying words forever—embedded in his mind…

Unable to bear her loss—any longer… he plans his demise…

While the vampire rests under the moon-lit sky awaiting the rising sun…

A panic-stricken voice invades his thoughts.

Pleading for his help…pleading he save her from the soulless monster—

An ancient vampire~ the good of his kind believed no-longer of this world…  


At the age of 17 a monster existing to inflict pain—emotionally destroyed her.

Ripping apart her inner-self—subconsciously tormenting her mind night after night.

For she will always live in fear—as darkness covers the earth…

That night an institution… for the mentally in-sane—became Ana’s home.

10yrs… she has lived hidden from the being.  Now… once again the creature—has found her.

Knowing deep with-in—this time—the monster tormenting her thoughts will not stop until it owns her soul.

Mentally she cries out—not understanding—yet believing the one …

With emotionless eyes—possesses the power to save her.

~Enter into the realm of the undead…

~Tristen and Ana’s story…
















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