~A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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COMING SPRING OF 2010      A Cry From Beyond

Book #2 in my Vampire series~


Italy~ 1879

A Sorrow as No-other…

As darkness covered the earth Tristen’s agonizing cry pierced my soul. For what I feared the most—had come to pass… All had changed that night. My vampire friend and I decided to go in search of the evil ones’ resting place. Suddenly, the night air turned ghostly—the fresh odor of death lingering. Both of us sensing a young vampire had taken a human life. Blocking all emotions from our mind, we took to the sky. Only it was not the young vampire we encountered. Four ancient vampires with immense power flowing through their veins attacked. Turning into mist, becoming one with the night, Tristen and I battled the undead. We fought as worriers’ should… as we pledged centuries ago. Vowing to protect mankind… and ripped out the evil vampires’ hearts—setting them aflame with a single thought. All remained as it was until—Tristen became aware of the lifeless young woman.  Her petite body sliced in two. Her heart drained of blood—because of the evil undead. Tristen wrapped the woman in his arms and screamed into the night. Cursing our kind… once again… a human soul was no longer a part of this world. Knowing her family would forever morn their loss. Being forced to wonder—why she disappeared—why her body was never found. Our only options—erase her memory from their mind. Removing all remnants of the battle that took place, we carried the woman’s body to a nearby creek. After placing her on the mossy ground Tristen, and I murmured a silent prayer. Joining our minds as one—we set her body aflame—turning her flesh into ash. Suddenly, an agonizing feeling of sorrow crushed my inner-self. For my vampire friend’s thoughts had become my own… Thoughts of Maggie—the woman he loved as no other. Emotionless eyes—the color of flame stared at me.

In a single breath Tristen’s words screamed into my thoughts. “By the fates above… Maggie! Why did you leave this earth—leave the one being… who adored you? For I pledged on our love to exist with you no longer a part of my world! Why did you not understand?  A Vampire’s love means forever… I cannot continue in this state. For it is tearing me apart inside.”        

Taking hold of my emotions, I mentally spoke to my sorrow filled friend. “Tristen… I’m so sorry. Use me as your anchor. Let me help you deal with the pain of Maggie’s loss. For centuries, you have been a brother to me. I cannot fully understand the love you shared… but I will do whatever need be to ease your suffering.”          

Sensing Tristen’s memory of the past had returned, I cursed as the vampire screamed into my thoughts. “Damn you! If you truly were my bother—you never would have allowed Kara to erase the woman I loved as no other from my mind! I trusted you Lucian—and you destroyed that trust the night you called upon her to assist you.”

“Do you truly believe I wanted to call upon Kara? You left me no other choice! The pledge Maggie requested of you—she also requested of me! For 200yrs—night after night my soul has ached over your loss.”

“We are no longer brothers, Lucian! For once we wipe the memory of this young woman from her family’s thoughts—if you show yourself I will destroy you!”

And with a thought, Tristen turned into mist becoming one with the night. I followed the vampire into the village. Once all memory of the woman’s existence had been wiped from the humans’ thoughts—Tristen stared back at me with bloodstained eyes.  Crushing the wedding ring strung from his neck amid talon fingers, my vampire friend cursed the fates. In a single breath, he was gone.

Tonight I listen to his cries—for the vampire wanted me to feel his pain. Through his eyes, I see Maggie’s name clearly scrolled on her tomb. As Tristen’s anguish pierces my mind, my heart bleeds over his loss. A loss I am only truly beginning to understand. On this night, I fear my vampire friend will never forgive my betrayal. A betrayal I, myself would never forgive…


Lucian Monroe~



Look for Tristen’s story in my next spellbinding novel~

Released date:  spring of 2010

A Cry From Beyond… 

He has existed for centuries…

Fighting evil… Vowing to protect the one being—he loved beyond reason.

The woman he pledged his heart to—that long ago evening they were married.

Now… night after night the vampire awakes—consumed with agonizing pain.

For he failed to keep his promise—her death haunting him… ripping apart his soul.

For 200yrs—emotionally the vampire has battled the beast with-in—wanting to end his existence.

Cursing his wife’s dying words—

“Tristen… you must carry on—promise me you will protect the innocent…”

Her dying words forever—embedded in his mind…

Unable to bear her loss—any longer… he plans his demise…

While the vampire rests under the moon-lit sky awaiting the rising sun…

A panic-stricken voice invades his thoughts.

Pleading for his help…pleading he save her from the soulless monster—

An ancient vampire~ the good of his kind believed no-longer of this world…  


At the age of 17 a monster existing to inflict pain—emotionally destroyed her.

Ripping apart her inner-self—subconsciously tormenting her mind night after night.

For she will always live in fear—as darkness covers the earth…

That night an institution… for the mentally in-sane—became Ana’s home.

10yrs… she has lived hidden from the being.  Now… once again the creature—has found her.

Knowing deep with-in—this time—the monster tormenting her thoughts will not stop until it owns her soul.

Mentally she cries out—not understanding—yet believing the one …

With emotionless eyes—possesses the power to save her.

~Enter into the realm of the undead…

~Tristen and Ana’s story…









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