~ A Vampire’s Journal



Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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Spring 1874~ New Orleans


Each night… I thank the fates I never found another to love… one who would capture my heart—my soul. Dear Margarita… if you could only hear my thoughts. For Tristen—it’s as if you left this world yesterday. Nearly 2 years have passed since your death. Yet his pain has not subsided. The anguish with-in my friend’s heart grows deeper and deeper as each day turns into night. I continue to ask myself why? Why you made him promise to continue existing? Why you asked this unbearable task of me? By the fates above! Tristen has not risen in nearly eight full moons… Yet I know he still lives. For each evening… once darkness covers the earth, I go to the retched place he rests. I sense the creatures’ of the night drinking from his starving body. Tristen continues to punishment himself for failing you. Damnation! Tell me how to help him! Give me some sort of sign… why he could not join you in the after-life? Why he must live… without the one he cherished? For yours was a love everlasting… You were one of us… undead. You must have understood what existing without your mate would do to him.

The one you love… will die Maggie, if I cannot persuade him to rise and feed. Listen to my words! I am unable to break through his safeguards. Damn! You…Tristen! There must be a logical explanation Maggie asked this of you. Hear my thoughts! I will honor my vow… I will forsake my pride… and ask for Kara’s assistance if need be…

Lucian Monroe~

Look for Tristen’s story in my next spellbinding novel~

A Cry From Beyond… 

Released date: early spring of 2010







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