~ A Vampire’s Journal

Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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Winter 1872~

The Unforeseen Battle…

As darkness covered the earth, I prayed Tristen would remain in the deep sleep of our kind. His agonizing sorrow is ripping my soul in two. For once the full moon revealed herself—the evil of our kind destroyed my vampire friend’s reason to be. For they took away a part of his existence… he shall never recover from losing. As the blade tore into Margarita’s chest, Tristen’s cries pierced our thoughts. Destroying the remaining evil vampires in an instant… Kara and I rushed toward our friends. Slicing our wrists and placing it over the wound—but we were too late. For the evil sword had stolen the core of Maggie’s heart. That night before the battle began deep with-in I sensed all would change. I demanded Tristen not to be a part of this fight—to no avail…  Cursing the Fates—for his ancient mind knew what I intended. Fighting the evil bastards—alone to keep the ones I hold dear safe from harm. Still recovering from his wounds… existing within two worlds Tristen’s inner-self aches. Sensing the promise he made was tearing him apart. A promise his beloved wife made him swear on her soul he would honor. I shall never forget the image of her floating into the heavens full of peace once Tristen agreed. Or her request of me… With her last breath Margarita pierced my mind… Watch over Tristen, I beg of you, Lucian… do not allow the man I love to take his own life… Promise me…’  Choking back tears I gave her my word.  

By the gods above… how will I keep my vampire friend safe from himself! For his only thought is unbearable pain over Margarita’s death…  A hurt I know deep-in-my soul shall never heal… A hurt one who never loves another can never feel…

 I will keep my promise Maggie… by the fates I will keep Tristen safe… may the heavens watch over you…

Lucian Monroe~








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