~ A Vampire’s Journal



Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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Winter 1872~

England, Monroe Castle~

On this night I woke amid a burning ache in my chest. Silently I cursed—how I dread coming home to England. For the old ghosts—long ago sorrow of my past still tears at my soul. Old memories clouding my reason for existing—for when I am here I feel vulnerable. Not wholly in control of my inner-self. Yet something deep with-in willed me to return. For the past months as day turned into night I sensed a change in the air… a growing evil. An evil I sense will cause agonizing pain to those I hold dear. An evil—waiting to reap havoc once the full moon rises above the earth. An evil it seems only I can sense… For my creator Kara, an ancient vampire does not feel what I feel. Nor can Tristen… Over and over I ask myself why? Why I sense this evil—yet other undead cannot… I fear this evil knows my inner thoughts—my weakness—my deep caring for those I’ve come to care deeply about. The undead I regard as family… Fearing it senses even though vampire—the human with-in me still is strongly alive. Wanting to protect the innocent the good of our kind, I have blocked our mental connection. Using the excuse I needed some time alone—for Tristen and Kara fully understand the loss of my parents and sister still pains me. Even after all these years… That is why I must find this evil and stop its treachery. For I believe deep in my soul… there is a reason neither Tristen nor Kara can sense this evil. Tonight I will walk the earth—hidden in the shadows, searching for this being. Hoping—praying I can prevent the wrath of pain it intends to inflict.

Lucian Monroe~


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