~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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Winter 1801~

Christmas Eve…

Tonight I awoke to the sound of church bells ringing through the air… Once again Christmas was upon us. Dressed in formal attire I walked into the night. For on the eve of Christ’s birth feeling compelled to join in the celebration. As I entered the quaint church I murmured a silent prayer. The humans of the town I now call home were intensely listening as the preacher spoke. I too… captivated by his voice. Suddenly, memories of my life flooded my thoughts. For nearly 200yrs I have existed… The secret of what I’ve become forever hidden from those I vowed to protect. As tranquil words touched my mind, I blinked to clear my vision. For my life—grows lonelier as each day turns into night. Mastering to control the beast with-in… I no longer fear. Yet I will forever fear if… one day a woman held the power to capture my heart. Would I still possess the sanity not to harm her? As my dear friend Tristen expresses toward Margarita… regardless she is now one of us—a vampire. For they are blessed—theirs is a love ever-lasting. Once service ended I approached the altar and lit three candles in loving memory of my mother, father and dear sister. Sensing his presence—I nodded hello to Father Charles, wishing him a joyful holiday. He wished me the same then proceeded to say… “My son, do not doubt your inner-self. I see what you have done for this town. You are a good man Lucian. Do not fear loving another. Merry Christmas…”

I was at a loss for words. Something with-in sensing Father Charles knew I was a creature of the night. Yet he did not loath nor fear me. More importantly he gave me hope… hope that some day I too would find a love as no other.

Lucian Monroe~

Merry Christmas…


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