~ A Vampire’s Journal

Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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Spring~ 1801

New Orleans~

For the first time since forever I shall rest in the dwelling I now call home. This mansion I built somewhat fills the void tearing apart my soul of not belonging. Not having another to share this lonely existence with… For the humans residing in this quaint town are so accepting. I walk the streets once darkness has covered the earth, and a sense of peace washes through me. Tonight I sit here gazing into the star-lit sky. And think of what I’ve become—vampire a creature of the night—an immortal who vowed to protect the innocent. A part of me will always regret leaving England… for it was my birth place all those years ago. But the memories of that life are forever painful. The loss of my parents and my beloved sister still shadow me with sorrow even now. Monroe Castle will always be a part of my inner-self… a memory of my past. A long-ago memory of a life which no longer exists. For nearly 200yrs I have accepted my fate—honored my promise to our kind. Yet something deep with-in fears a day shall come when a choice I make will change another’s life forever. For a part of me senses the evil vampires’ betrayal is much more than Kara or I can foresee.

Lucian Monroe~

Happy Holidays~


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