~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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November 1778~

For nearly one-hundred years I have fought the evil un-dead inhabiting this continent. So much has transformed since I first arrived in this new world. The humans—no longer ruled by the Queen fought ruthlessly for their independence. How I admire their strength of mind to be free. My vow to protect them from evil embedded deeper in my soul. After destroying the evil vampires wrecking havoc in the north, my inner-self sought a change. Earlier this evening, hidden in the shadows—I roamed the streets of this city. A city I shall reside in for a short time… La Nouvelle Orléans. A part of me desires to befriend the humans of this town. For my life has grown lonesome over the years. Once again the holiday season is near. Perhaps I shall visit Tristen and his beloved wife Margarita—the human he turned so they would always be together. Or perhaps I shall call on Kara, my creator. I know my attraction to the vampire is not undying love—her touch only easing the emptiness I feel with-in for awhile. Accepting it is nothing more—for either one of us… and never shall be. Sensing dawn upon me—the sleep of the dead invades my thoughts. And the abandoned structure, once a place of worship—now occupied by a creature-one of the undead will become my resting place on this night~

Lucian Monroe~










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