~A Vampire’s Journal



Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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January 1651~

 Battle with Evil…

Once darkness covered the earth—the ones I hold dear—the ones I consider my friends… encountered evil as never before. The vampires we fought were ruthless. Since the previous full moon we knew what they intended… only to discover it was a ploy. The undead devised to hide their agenda. For when we arrived, the small town inhabited with innocent humans breathed—no more. Their lifeless bodies—scattered amongst the snow covered ground as the evil-of-our-kind feasted. Sensing our presence they attacked. Talon—blood stained claws ripped into our flesh. Their evil laughter piercing our thoughts as it echoed in the night. I touched Kara’s mind, stating. “We cannot win this fight without assistance… for you, Tristen and I do not possess their power.”

Suddenly… the earth began to rumble and a dragon-like creature appeared. It took to the sky—spitting fire at the evil undead. Agonizing cries of rage invaded our thoughts as crimson flames scorched their skin. I glanced at Tristen in aw… sensing Kara and this being were connected. Reading my thoughts, the vampire nodded and lunged into the air. We fought side-by-side relentlessly—ripping into the evil-ones chests—and destroying their blackened hearts. The battle seemed to last forever…then the night turned quiet and the dragon-like creature had vanished. Angry a few had escaped—I cursed the fates… knowing their existence would not end this night. Knowing we did not possess the strength to follow. We opened our minds and searched for prey to replenish our bodies. Sensing the villagers grazed livestock. Drinking just enough—to ease our pain and heal our wounds. Sensing another village near by, we willed the animals to make it their new home. In silence we joined our powers. Saying a prayer for the innocent souls lost, as we destroyed any indication of the truth—vampires were not only a myth.

 Lucian Monroe~


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