~ Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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Winter~ 1650

As I awoke, I sensed her presence. The beautiful creature with ebony eyes—the one who changed my existence forever. Our last encounter—the night Tristen married his beloved Margarita. With a thought, I dressed and invited Kara into my home. The vampire’s eyes were clouded with grief… Concerned, I asked what had happened, knowing another of our kind had attacked the innocent ones of this world.  Sensing my thoughts, Kara kissed my cheek and whispered.

“I fear for our kind Lucian… The evil ones who walk this earth once again risk our secret. Their treachery against humans will destroy us. For all must believe vampires nothing but a myth.”

I strange feeling touched something deep inside of me. Not thinking I wrapped Kara in my arms and kissed away her bloodstained tears. The vampire began to tremble then devoured my mouth with her succulent lips. Need consumed me as never before… a hunger burning my body. Frantic cries of passion pierced my thoughts as I caressed the vampire’s flawless skin. We pleasured each other for hours—climaxing together as we drank from one another. Cursing the rising sun… as it covered the earth. For the realization of what happened between us was clear. Neither she nor I joined together because of love. Reaching for her wrap, the vampire looked into my eyes and smiled. Tenderly, she embraced me, touching my mind.

“Thank you… for tonight. You are unique Lucian… a vampire with honor. I will reach for you once I uncover those behind the latest attack… And you are wrong—you do possess the power and control to love another…” 

With a thought Kara was gone. Silently I wished her well… knowing what happened here tonight someday would change my future.


Lucian Monroe~        


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