~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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Spring ~ 1619

On this night I rest hidden deep beneath the castle walls—their sobbing piercing my thoughts. For years my only contact with the family I left behind from afar. Vowing I’d never return after nearly taking a human life in a blinded moment of passion. Until, I received the correspondence my beloved father was dying… despite the creature I am… I needed to say goodbye—honor my duty as his son. Edward Monroe—seeing him in such pain tore at my soul as I prayed to the fates to end his suffering. April 5th 1619, the man, I respected as no other… left this world. My mother and dear sister, I sense they are slipping into a dark abyss—filled with unpleasant memories leading up to his death. My inner-self is in turmoil. Should I alter reality and ease their pain? Would I be flouting the rules of our kind? Would Kara, my creator disapprove? The vampire with-in me feels powerless—anger—for the ones I love have endured enough!  Earlier this evening I held my sister as she cried. I wiped the tears from her eyes and cursed—for they no longer sparkled. Her unbearable sadness ripped my lifeless heart in two. Sensing my mother had entered the room I glanced up and swallowed. For it seemed she aged these past number of days. I drew in a breath and wrapped my arm around her. In a whispered tone, she asked if I intended to return abroad. Knowing I could not remain, knowing my existence would only cause them a much deeper pain… I kissed her cheek masking the bloodstained tears clouding my vision. May the fates watch over them… knowing before long I must leave my home once again.

Lucian Monroe~

D.A. Berry, author is the sole owner of this material. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.



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