~ A Vampire’s Journal


Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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Battle the Undead~ 1618

As the sun set, I awoke… the battle I endured embedded in my thoughts. The creatures—the undead were not as I or Kara, my maker. Evil flowed through their veins—hungering to destroy. Screeching howls filling the air… as their talons ripped into my chest.

I reached out to Kara and cursed, finally understanding—why I had been chosen. Like my creator, I’ve learned to control the beast with-in, vowing never to hurt the humans who sustain our existence.

As we fought, I touched her mind, sensing her disgust. For the vampire was mortified so many of our kind turned to evil—turned to seek infinite power. Power achieved by draining their victim… even though not necessary to our survival or increasing strength.


D.A.Berry, author logo...

D.A.Berry, author logo…

Sighing, I glanced down at my bare chest. My wounds were nearly healed. For Kara and the one she called Tristen had fed me their blood. I sense they are no longer near—relieved they are safe. Since I became vampire this existence has haunted my soul my thoughts… until this night.


For on this night, I accept my fate…

Lucian Monroe~


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One thought on “~ A Vampire’s Journal

  1. Nicole says:

    I really like Lucians Journal , it helps me connect with the book and learn about his past.

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