~ A Vampire’s Journal




Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

READ… A Deepened Hunger

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Spring 1609~

Tonight the reality of what I’ve become is clear. I am truly a monster—a creature who feeds on the living—needing their blood to exist. For I have acted a fool… believing I could survive as before. Believing, even as one of the undead—I would take a bride… honor my father’s request.

Juliana… we were introduced the night I returned. Her blue eyes were enchanting, her smile trusting. That evening began our courtship. And me believing what I’d become did not change the human within me. She never questioned my absence during the day. Her youth and inexperience—blind to my deceit. These past months I felt contentment—at peace. The vampire—vowing to attest his maker was incorrect. That one of the undead could exist amid the living…

 I satisfied my hunger prior to escorting Juliana to the theater…  After the performance I helped her into my carriage. As we drove, I wrapped her in my embrace and gently kissed her lips. Whispering words of love, Juliana caressed my manhood. Suddenly my body began to burn with need—desire.  I fought to control the beast—knowing if this continued the woman in my arms would no longer be pure.

My voice invaded her thoughts. “My love… if we continue… you will be a married woman on the morrow.”  

Julianaresponded by deepening our kiss—understanding fully in my words. With a thought I willed the woman in my arms to my bed—my soon-to-be bride. Gently, I removed her velvet gown. Her heart began to beat rapidly. In a single breath, my fangs pierced her flesh. The crimson liquid coated my throat—easing my burning hunger. Realizing what I had done—horror and disgust consumed me. For she was an innocent—untainted. With hands, I could not stop from shaking… I dressed Juliana with a thought, escorted her home and wiped all memories of the monster—Lucian Monroe from her mind. On this night I fully understood—I am vampire—I do not love—do not feel… I only hunger. I am undead—existing on the living. For I must leave my home, my family. By the fates above… please forgive me.                         

Lucian Monroe~      

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