~ A Vampire’s Journal

Once again darkness has covered the earth… and another page is revealed from Lucian Monroe’s journal~

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February~ 1609

As I awoke this evening—I’d come to a decision. Over the past months I learned to control my hunger—through my mind. After feeding, I was headed to England… to my home. Monroe Castle—how I’ve missed my old life. With a thought, I turned into mist and became one with the night. Kara joined me as I hunted. I sensed her disappointment instantly. My maker feared—I was not ready to live among humans. Fearing I would unveil the secret—vampires were not a myth. I assured the vampire she need not worry.

She glanced up and smiled, piercing my mind. “I understand this existence is not of your wishing—Lucian. And for that… I am truly sorry. But in time you will see. Why I chose you. Here is the key to your new dwelling. Do not act a fool… and remain at Monroe Castle once the sun rises—“

I took the key from Kara’s hand and swallowed. Only one residence—in all of England had this unique lock. The son of a respected family… would now rest in the dwelling… once—the ghostly asylum for the mentally insane. Sensing my disapproval, Kara laughed. Then clarified the dwelling had been renovated and now was quite lovely. I nodded and turned to leave. With a singled breath—the vampire pulled me into a crushing kiss and bid me good-evening. Reminding me she’ll always know my thoughts.

Around mid-night I arrived at Monroe Castle. Wondering, did I need to be invited into my own home since I was vampire? Sensing Martha was still in my families employ, I willed the young woman to me. My moment of unease faded… for Martha threw her arms around my neck and screamed with delight. Then she pulled me into the grand ballroom. For on this night my mother and father were hosting a social gathering.

My mother rushed toward me—tears staining her eyes. I embraced her in my arms. Knowing I made the right choice. For my family meant everything to me. I kissed my mother’s cheek then greeted my father. Anticipation washed through me… for I sensed mixed emotions within him. Fearing his first born had disappointed him in every way these past months. Sir Edward Monroe—the father I’d admired since childhood. I shook his hand and apologized for my behavior. My father nodded, stating he received my letters explaining my absence and there was no need for apologies.  

Sensing my confusion Kara touched my mind. “I would not allow your family to believe you a dishonorable son, Lucian. The letters I sent explained you were assisting an old friend in need.”

Silently I cursed—by the fates! Kara truly planned my fate well before the night she turned me into one of the undead!


Lucian Monroe~





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