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When a deranged serial killer’s victims’ bodies surface, those involved fear the young and innocent will never be safe until this certifiable individual is caught…



Detective Ethan Randal~

Head of his department, his commitment to protecting the citizens of New York and capturing the guilty are always top of mind. Haunted by a personal tragedy, his empathy towards those who are victims is clear and has earned him the utmost respect from his team. So how does one deal with the most vicious of crimes/death—mimicking that of someone you love… by a truly deranged serial killer?  


Lexie Hampton_edited-1

 Alexandria Hampton~

A beyond talented photographer Alexandria also possesses a unique gift she keeps hidden apart from those she trusts completely. Since childhood, she’s been blessed or cursed with the ability to speak and see the dead. So, how does she cope with envisioning the most horrific of crimes coming to realize it actually is happening as she witnessed such a tragedy? How does a gifted human remain sane once haunted by a psychotic killer and his victims?    

Available for sale on Amazon.com

(Kindle version)


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D.A. Berry



Who are these intriguing characters…?

Here is a first look at the main characters of my upcoming ghostly murder thriller

‘Whispers in the Night’



Detective Ethan Randal~

Head of his department, his commitment to protecting the citizens of New York and capturing the guilty are always top of mind. Haunted by a personal tragedy, his empathy towards those who are victims is clear and has earned him the utmost respect from his team.     



Alexandria Hampton~

A beyond talented photographer Alexandria also possesses a unique gift she keeps hidden apart from those she trusts completely. Since childhood, she’s been blessed or cursed with the ability to speak and see the dead.


Release Date: October 2013…


A Vampire’s Journal~

Author’s Note

Since the release of ‘A Deepened Hunger’ the longing to identify with Lucian Monroe’s past has grown. Continue reading and enjoy this special addition of the vampire’s personal journal~

D. A. Berry

 Through the centuries, many believed…

 Existing as the undead, a vampire seldom reveals their human emotions, their love towards another individual merely expressed in secret. Unmasked feelings are only penned in ink, needing to appease a loneliness which tears apart the soul.




Lucian’s Journal

Christmas Eve, 2004

Hidden in darkness, I listen to the church bells chime, honoring his birth.  An ache crushes my soul as I watch her from afar. I touch her mind in secret, for I must ease her pain, a pain the evil of our kind has caused.  Night after night I sense her sadness growing more and more.  For the one she loves is unable to accept the change within her. Again, I ask myself, did I make the right decision, knowing my heart controlled my thinking that October night?  For all eternity, I shall love her, not caring that Jordan Pierce Shayne’s heart belongs to another.  Centuries later, I truly understand the emptiness Tristen endures since the loss of his beloved Maggie.




January 21, 2005

As I awoke, agonizing sorrow pierced my soul, sensing the woman I care for as no other emotionally dying inside.  The human she loves and has bestowed her heart to betrayed her.  The bastard has found comfort in another.  The beast living within my mind and my body wants only to destroy the human limb by limb.  Yet, I fear his death will cause Jordan further anguish.  Regardless, she screamed in rage that their marriage was over.

Hidden in the shadows, I listen as she sobs, crying herself to sleep.  Gently, I touched her inner thoughts, needing to ease her pain, promising she shall never be alone, promising that for all eternity, I will keep her safe from harm.

Unable to bear her suffering another moment, I mentally willed her into a deep sleep and entered the dimly lit room.  Taking a cool cloth, I wiped away the tears from her cheek.  Unable to control my inner emotions, I kissed her lips, whispering words of comfort.  Silently, I cursed. Now here I sit with the woman I adore, no longer tied to an unfaithful man.  Nevertheless, because of the life I lead and the vow I made centuries ago, we can never be together.  Wanting her to be at peace at least for a time, I planted a happy childhood memory into her mind.  After setting safeguards to watch over her, I became one with the night.  As I wiped all memory of my visit from Jordan’s subconscious, unbearable pain tore into my heart.


December 25, 2005

As darkness covered the earth, I awoke, a longing for her nearness consuming my inner self. Since our encounter two moons past, I’ve kept my presence hidden.  Yet, each day, my strength to remain in the shadows grows weaker, my heart only wanting to be with the woman I love as no other.  Once again, Jordan is spending the holiday with friends.  I sensed they just arrived at their favorite pub to view the holiday parade.

Drawing in a breath, I glanced at the wrapped sachet upon my desk. As it glitters beneath the candle light, I ask myself, ‘Do you possess the courage to deliver your gift to her in person, unmask the truth of the past, and what you truly are?  Do you dare reveal that she is the one you shall love for all eternity?’  Since the Halloween gala, I’ve sensed her loneliness, her frustration to remember the hidden secrets I’ve kept from her.  One solitary moment that night, we were one mind, body and soul.

Nevertheless, my fear of the truth keeps me within this fortress I call a home.  As I crush the gift between talon fingers, I curse fate.

Merry Christmas, Jordan, for you are always within my thoughts…



Ancient Secrets~ A Vampire Thriller

Book Four in my Vampire Series has caused quite a stir. For so many hidden secrets were revealed…
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Ancient Secrets

Kara and Grayson Moore ™˜

Existing for centuries, the goddess was comfortable by way of her immortal life. Then one evening she attended a masquerade ball and was introduced to a gifted wizard. The ‘being’ she lost her heart to—only to have his betrayal rip open her soul. Vowing to block his every memory from her thoughts, the vampire buried the past. Years later an evil within their world, forces the ebony-eyed beauty to seek his assistance. After fulfilling their bargain, she bids him good-bye. Unaware a past ancient evil lurks within the shadows—their paths meet again. For the secrets, Grayson Moore buried long ago could change their fate forever…

Prologue ~
London, England~
As darkness covered the earth, Grayson stirred. Once again, alone, the vampire cursed—his past sins. His desire to obtain absolute power costing ‘The Being’ what he treasured most… the ancient goddess with ebony eyes, the woman he married then deceived. Drawing air into his lungs, he reached out and grabbed the silver goblet. Once its crimson substance gulped down, he threw the ancient piece across the room. For his ‘carefully thought out’ plan had failed him—
Recalling the other evening, he swore. As he suffered within, incapable of changing her mind, he stood silent. Watching as Kara left without a care after their agreement for his aiding in destroying Shakir and helping Aden fulfilled.
Refusing to allow, his weakness toward the goddess another moment of control, the vampire shut down all his emotions. As the beast reclaimed its supremacy, Grayson smiled. For centuries, he existed without another and survived.
On this night, he vowed. No entity, human or vampire would ever possess the capability to influence his inner-self for all eternity.
The Egyptian Desert~
After weeks of solitude buried deep within her parents’ tomb, the vampire awoke. Drawing air into her lungs, the goddess fought to claim her next breath. Wiping away blood-stained tears, Kara screamed. “Damn you—for centuries I left the past buried! Refusing to allow your deceit—treachery to destroy me…” Bursting through the earth, becoming one with the skies, the vampire set aflame everything in her path. Angry beyond words, Grayson still possessed the power to influence her emotional state. Vowing the being’s hold ended this night, the goddess called forth all her abilities. Mentally, she suppressed his scent—the feel of his touch caressing her skin. The burning she felt within every time they made love—drank from each others vein. Once again, in control, she glanced at the ancient pyramids exhaling a sigh of relief.

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~ A Vampire’s Journal

Late Spring~ 1896

Tristen’s Return…

Two more weeks had passed—then finally my dear friend had returned. As the vampire entered my home, trepidation washed through me. For I knew Tristen well and the news he was about to disclose would uncover this mystery.

Taking a seat across my desk, he handed me a tattered scroll. As I unrolled the document, Tristen began telling all.

“The document within your hands is proof this wizard no longer lives. However, the spell he cast upon the talisman still exists. For centuries, it was guarded by others of his kind. Then a battle took place between the ‘evil undead’ and the powerful warlocks. Their ruthless fighting lasted throughout the night—the vampires being the victors. Before ripping out their leaders’ heart—he offered the undead a bargain. His life spared in exchange for the amulet and its powers. Being the lustful traitors the ‘evil of our kind’ are—they accepted his offer. Only to be fooled in the end—for the stone turned out to be useless. Its original spell—one that never could be broken or removed.”

Even more frustrated, I asked. “Tristen, I must know, was Isabella this wizard’s obsession?”

Exhaling, my friend continued. “Lucian the night your sibling disappeared, I’m afraid will forever remain a mystery. Naught has been discovered since you last looked into her death. If you are asking from what I uncovered—was Isabella the woman this wizard courted. Yes, something within me believes she was his obsession.”

Struggling to remain in control, I fought to calm the beast within. “Who possessed the amulet after the undead deemed it useless?”

“The talisman has not been seen for centuries until the night Cassandra and Beth found it resting upon the crypt in the cemetery. How and why it has reappeared is still unknown.”

“You know as I Tristen… nothing in our world happens by chance. Some being is seeking out my niece! By-the-gods-above I must find out why.”

Tristen sighed, “Though centuries have passed. The Monroe blood exists within Cassandra. All one—needs to create a spell is a living element from their intended. It could be a strand of hair, or a spilled tear. I believe that is why it has sought out your niece. For it cannot tell one from the other.”

“So what do you suggest? I cannot keep Cassandra locked away in this house forever. She is a vampire—the freedom to roam the earth is what keeps us sane!  And what of Grayson was he aware of this so called legend?”

“The bastard our dearly beloved Kara still allows to walk this earth gave his word. He will look deeper into the matter. Though he knew of this wizard, the vampire paid little attention to him.” Annoyed, Tristen wiped at his tired eyes. “For a moment Lucian, I actually sensed sorrow within his blackened heart. For it were, as if he ‘himself’ regretted much of the past.”

After what he did to Kara, that was an emotion, I thought Grayson Moore incapable of. “As you and I have discussed supremacy only leaves one empty within. The vampire chose his destiny… blinded by the power he sought—he lost sight of what truly matters.”

“Regardless of what I sensed within, I will never trust him. However, I will play on his assistance to ensure Cassandra’s safety.”

I met Tristen’s stare, “Am I to assume you will be staying in New Orleans? At least until this matter is resolved.”

“I will be resting within the city. For I sense you will need my assistance in protecting the child. Her impatience regarding the situation is becoming quite apparent.”

At that moment Tristen stood and bid me good night. Both of us in agreement, tomorrow once the sun set. We would take Cassandra and Beth out for the evening. As I also longed for the freedom only being one with the night satisfied.


Coming in March~

Dark Secrets~

(Book #3 in my vampire series)

This work of fiction will feature two stories. One centered on Lucian and Jordan. The other revealing the mysteries of the vampire ‘The Being’ introduced in my second novel.